Oracle And Mysql - A Practical Approach By B. Mohamed Ibrahim

Oracle And Mysql - A Practical Approach By B. Mohamed Ibrahim
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Oracle And Mysql - A Practical Approach By B. Mohamed Ibrahim

Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9789380298665

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About this eBook

Preface The Database Management System DBMS is a software product that organises the storage and retrieval of data with database. Major developments are going on in the DBMS field to achieve the required security, integrity of data and easy to work with it. Those developments include RDBMS Relational Database Management System , OODMS Object Oriented Database Management System , and ORDBMS Object RDBMS .
Oracle is the most widely used RDBMS, and MySQL is the most popular open-source RDBMS. Both of these databases provide support for database connectivity to high-level languages. This book focuses on these two database systems, with basics to intermediate level.
Chapter 1 Introduction to Database Systems This chapter introduces the basic concepts of databases. The features of Relational DBMS, various types of keys used in database design are explored. The Normalization process is explained in detail with the Normal Forms. Suitable example queries with their corresponding output are given for easy understanding of concepts.
Chapter 2 Working with Oracle Database This chapter is devoted for Oracle database. This chapter starts with Oracle Installation. The SQL commands are grouped as Data Definition Language DDL , Data Manipulation Language DML and Transaction Control Language TCL commands and explained with example queries. The database objects such as views, synonyms, and sequences are explained with their general formats. The PL SQL for Oracle is explained in detail with sample code. The stored procedures are neatly explained, which can be called by an application through database connectivity to minimise database interactions in performing bulk database operations. Some basic database administrative operations such as creating databases, creating users, back-up and restore databases, grant and revoke privileges on database are given.
Chapter 3 Working with MySQL Database This chapter explains the important concepts to work with MySQL database. This chapter started with the MySQL installation procedure for Microsoft Windows platform. Important data-definition, data-manipulation, transaction-control, and MySQL programs are explained with illustrations. A set of frequently used built-in functions are given by their operations wise. The latest features of MySQL, stored procedures functions, triggers, are explained with example code.
This book is intensely written for the beginners and intermediates in database knowledge, and those are using databases in high-level languages for developing applications. It is written in a practical approach that the readers will find suitable example code with output wherever they expect them.
I thank the Almighty Allah, who gave me the soul, strength, knowledge and everything. All praise is due to him. Salutations on the Prophet may Allah s blessings and peace be upon him and his descendents. I thank all the well wishers of mine, who prayed the Almighty for me. Author
Introduction to Database Systems