Industrial Automation and Robotics

By A. K. Gupta, S. K. Arora more
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Chapter 10 Fluidics ₹80.74
Chapter 11 Electrical And Electronic Controls ₹80.74
Chapter 12 Transfer Devices And Feeders ₹80.74
Chapter 13 Robotics ₹80.74
Chapter 14 Robotic Sensors ₹80.74
Chapter 15 Robot End Effectors ₹80.74
Chapter 16 Robot Programming ₹80.74
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Product Specifications

Publisher Laxmi Publications
ISBN 9788131805923
Author: A. K. Gupta, S. K. Arora
Number of Pages 420
Available in all digital devices
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Industrial Automation and Robotics By A. K. Gupta, S. K. Arora
Book Summary:

Many changes have been incorporated to make it more user-oriented. The most significant change is the incorporation of a number of new sections in the chapter of pumps and compressors, cylinders and motors, control valves, circuits, pneumatic logic circuits, fluidics, transfer devices, and feeders and robotics.

The circuit diagrams have been thoroughlyt explained step by step and problems from previous years? question papers have been fully solved and incorporated in this edition. The purpose of this book is to present a basic introduction to the multidisciplinary field of 'Automation'.

Audience of the Book :
The book Industrial Automation and Robotics is specially designed to serve the basic text for undergraduate and postgraduate course in 'Industrial Automation and Robotics' for mechanical, production and industrial engineering students of Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar. The second edition of the book is exhaustively upgraded and improved to incorporate the syllabi of various Indian universities.
Key Features:

The whole text has been divided into 17 chapters. The book begins with a brief introduction to Automation in

  • Chapter 1. Chapter 2 deals with laws and principles upon which Hydraulics and Pneumatics are based. 
  • In Chapter 3, the components of basic Pneumatic and Hydraulic systems are discussed. 
  • Chapter 4, which is on pumps and compressors, deals with characteristics and properties of all the pumps and compressors used in industry. 
  • Chapter 5 concentrates on Pneumatic and Hydraulic accessories like filters, lubricators, air dryers, FRL's, pipelines, connectors etc. 
  • Chapter 6 deals with Pneumatic and Hydraulic actuators, which covers classification, construction and working of cylinders and motors. 
  • Chapter 7 deals with construction and working of various Pneumatics and Hydraulics valves.
  • In Chapter 8, basic Pneumatic and Hydraulic circuits are discussed. 
  • Chapter 9 which is on Fluidics, discusses the basic theories and advancements in this field and various fluidic components. 
  • Chapter 10 is on Pneumatic logic circuit design, which discusses various methods on circuit design. 
  • Chapter 11 is on electric and electronic controls used in automation. Components like sensors, PLC's and microprocessors are included in this chapter. 
  • Chapter 12 deals with Transfer Devices and Feeders. 
  • Chapters 13-17 are on Robotics. These cover Robotic Sensors, Robotic Grippers, Robot Programming and Applications of Robots in industry.

Table of Contents:

1. Automation

2. Basic Laws and Principles

3. Basic Pneumatic and Hydraulic System

4. Pumps and Compressors

5. Fluid Accessories

6. Cylinders and Motors

7. Control Valves

8. Circuits

9. Pneumatic Logic Circuits

10. Fluidics

11. Electrical and Electronic Controls

12. Transfer Devices and Feeders

13. Robotics

14. Robotic Sensors

15. Robot End Effectors

16. Robot Programming

17. Application of Robots