Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines By Dr. P.N. Darde

Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines By Dr. P.N. Darde Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines By Dr. P.N. Darde Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Vayu Education
ISBN: 9789382174103
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Preface to First Edition Basic concept of fluids and fluid flows are essential to all engineering students to get better understanding of the course and importance as a core subject. Earlier the subject was taught under the heading of Hydraulics which has been changed to Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Mechanics, where the balance has been made to treat the subject as basics of Fluid Mechanics and its applications. The author has been teaching the subject in India and abroad for the several years. He has been in planning, design and execution of Hydroelectric Projects for more than two decades in National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Faridabad . Therefore this book is a blend of the lectures delivered by him in the class in Delhi College of Engineering for twelve years under Delhi University, four years in Ethiopia and four years in Hindu College of Engineering Sonepat under MD University and planning and designs of Hydroelectric projects where in knowledge of fluid mechanics and fluid machines was used. The subject matter has been carefully studied and presented in a suitable manner from the experience gained during useful interaction with the students and the experience gained during designs of various hydro projects in the country. In this book SI units have been used to solve the numerical problems. Number of solved numericals has been given at the end of each chapter for the application of theory. Lists of unsolved problems have also been given on the university pattern as exercises. This book on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines will contribute effectively to the existing literature in this field and will be a useful literature for the B.Tech. Students of some branches like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, students of AMIE and students preparing for the UPSC Engineering Services Examinations. The book covers the Syllabi of Delhi College of Engineering Delhi DTU Delhi , MD University Rohtak, Kurukshetra University, DUCRUST Murthal, UPTU Lucknow and other Universities in India.
Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines
The acknowledgement has been made to all authors whose work has been consulted in the preparation of the text. The author however adopted his own arrangement and presentation of the subject matter in a simple, lucid and easily understandable language without sacrificing the concept of the fluid mechanics and its applications. The author will be very thankful to the readers for their constructive suggestions and healthy criticisms. Author is grateful to the publisher Vayu Education of India for cooperation and timely publication.
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