Fundamentals of Marketing By Dr. Vikas Saraf, Pawan Thakur

Fundamentals of Marketing By Dr. Vikas Saraf, Pawan Thakur Fundamentals of Marketing By Dr. Vikas Saraf, Pawan Thakur Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9789383828302

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PREFACE This book written in an extremely simple and lucid language with practical example and diagrams. The original purpose of a preface to Fundamentals of Marketing is to deliver a clear and concise presentation of the fundamental principles of marketing. It is praised in the market for its organization, format, clarity, brevity and flexibility. The text serves as an overview for critical issues in marketing principle. Its brief, format makes it a perfect fit for instructors who assign cases, readings, simulations or offer modules on marketing fundamentals for graduate and post graduate level students. The text also works in courses that implement a cross-functional curriculum where the students are required to purchase several texts. It is very useful book for beginners who do not have much knowledge about marketing and want to understand the fundamentals of marketing at a fair amount of depth. Chapter 1 introduces the basic concepts of marketing, nature, scope and importance of marketing. Chapters 2 to 5 introduces marketing environment, marketing mix and marketing plan, market segmentation, targeting, positioning and consumer behaviour. Chapters 6 to 10 includes product concepts and product life cycle, product planning, development and product identification, pricing, marketing communication and marketing research. Chapters 11 to 14 discuss concepts of promotion activities like advertising, advertising budget, media and public relations, personal selling and management of sales force, sales forecasting, sales promotion and publicity. Chapters 15 to 18 we study about physical distribution, channels of distribution, strategic marketing planning and competitive marketing strategies, marketing organizations and control of marketing operations. Chapters 19 to 21 introduces rural marketing, marketing of services, banking, transport and insurance, e-commerce and CRM. Chapter 22 closes our discussion with new issues in marketing globalization, green marketing, consumerism and neuro-marketing. This book is a result of very strong passion the passion for acquiring and sharing knowledge and also the passion to demystify, so that we all can learn and enjoy. To what extend this goal has been achieved, only time will tell. Readers are most welcome to write back their suggestions criticism which will definitely be acknowledged in forthcoming edition. Authors
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