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PREFACE The seed spices constitute an important group of agricultural commodities and play an important role in our national economy and contribute significantly towards export earning. The seed spices are aromatic vegetable products of tropical origin mostly used in pulverized state, primarily for seasoning and garnishing food and beverages. Seed spices possess industrial importance and are used as medicine for various pharmaceutical preparations. The seed spices are grown in low rainfall areas of semi arid to arid conditions, requiring lesser water and low inputs. India is at advantageous position as a producer of large variety of seed spices and has unique position in respect to production, consumption and export. Still there is tremendous scope for increased production The productivity of seed spices is low in India. There are many reasons of low productivity viz. unavailability of disease resistant variety against biotic and abiotic stress, lack of location specific proper production technology, unawareness of farmers. Major seed spices viz, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, fennel and ajwain contributes more than 90 of area and production of total seed spices. However, production technologies for these crops are available but complete package in all respect is not available. Moreover, due to growing health awareness all over the world, need of organic produce is increasing. The organic seed spices are potential source for earning foreign exchange. Therefore, a need was felt for a book dealing with all aspects of production technology of coriander, cumin, fennel, fenugreek and ajwain. Hence an idea to compile all the information on major seed spices was conceived. It gives me pleasure to present the production technology of major seed spices in the form of book before the galaxies of readers. In the book Major Seed Spices-Production technology there are ten chapters, out of them first three chapters deals with status, problem and constraints and trends in area and production of seed spices, five chapters covers production technology of major seed spices and last chapter deals with specific organic production technology of seed spices. Attempt has been made to bring all the relevant information on each major seed spice in a comprehensive way
for enhancing production and productivity of these crops. However, efforts were made to present most of the information pertaining these crops along with comprehensive production technology. Even though some information might have left. Thus, lack and lacuna always rests. We shall be highly grateful to all those who will pinpoint shortcomings and lacunae for future improvement. Authors are highly to competent authority of NRCSS, Ajmer Raj who extended all the facility needed for preparation of this manuscript. The finding of predecessos in respect to seed spice production taken in this book have contributed significantly. We acknowledge them all. We wish to place sense of gratitude