Spices their cultivation and post - harvest management

Spices their cultivation and post - harvest management Spices their cultivation and post - harvest management Sample PDF Download
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ISBN: 9788183210812
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PREFACE It is surprise, how little we know a bcu t the variety of spices and condim ents w hich are grown in our country The wide range of soil and clim atic co nd itio ns of India m akes it possible to grow a series of spices and condim ents. Like before, the world still today looks upon India as H om e of spices". Even today, spices and condim ents play .quite an im portant role in the national econom ics of several spices producing im porting and exporting countries. India is one of the m ajor spice producing and exporting countries of the world. Despite the trem endous im portance of spices in India and abroad it is quite unfortunate that there is very few books w hich provide the latest inform ation on cultivation, harvesting, processing and m arketing of spices grown in India. The heart-felt realization encourages me to com e forew ord to bringout a book on spices fo r the benefit of the interested students, growers and traders. T echnological aspects on package and practices on cultivation, plant protection, post harvest m anagem ent, storage, p ackaging and quality have been dealt with to m ake this book m ost valuable and inform ative. During the course of preparation of the book, K have taken the help of a n um be r of articles, reports, papers, pam plets, reprints, books, m agazines and journals and bulletins fo r which the author feels grateful to all concerned. I a cknow ledge the profound gratitude, the contributions of Dr. R.G. Maity, E x-P rofessor, Dr. B.C. Das, Reader, and Dr. A.K. Pal, Lecturer, D ep artm en t of H orticulture, B.C.K.V., M ohanpur, W .B. a n d S. M ukherjee, Lecturer, D epartm ent of G enetics and Plant Breeding, U.B.K.V., C oochbehar, W .B. I also reciprocate the affection and patience shown by my father, Gopal C handra Das, wife Smt. M anti Das and daughter, Souika Das, during the preparation of the m anuscript. Lastly, I also thank to Mrs. G eeta Som ani, the publisher for Agrotech Publishing Academ y, Udaipur, R ajasthan fo r giving me an opportunity to publish the book.
Kalyani 8th June, 2006
SN Das
C lassification of Spices
Area and Production of Spices