Micronutrients For Soil And Plant Health

Micronutrients For Soil And Plant Health Micronutrients For Soil And Plant Health Sample PDF Download
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Preface The incidence of m icronutrient deficiencies in crop has increased markedly in recent years due to intensive cropping, loss of top soil by erosion, losses of m icronutrients through leaching, liming of acid soils, decreased proportion of FYM to chemical fertilizers, in creased purity of high analysis fertilizers and use of m arginal lands for crop production. M icronutrients in general are either m etallic constituents, pros thetic groups, co-enzymes or simply activators of various enzyme systems in the plants. As a result, their inadequacies affect adversely their specific metabolic pathw ays or the products, leading to decreased rates of grow th and development before some visible symptoms in the form of chlorosis or necrosis appear on the leaves shoot. But by the tim e the visible deficiency symptoms appear, a lot of irrepairable dam age is already done th a t is reflects in term s of yield and quality of produce. Thus the nutrient inadequacies need to be evaluated at much earlier growth stages, preferably through functional forms of m icronutrient, viz., deter m ination of activities of m etalloenzymes, related biochemical functions or metabolic products in addition to soil test crop response studies. It is becoming evident th a t w ithout the use of some of the m icronutrients like Zn, Fe, Mn, B, it is not possible to get the maximum benefit of NPK fertilizers and high yielding varieties. It is also clear th a t m icronutrient use requires a very thorough knowledge about the soil and plant and no ad hoc recom mendation on use of any m icronutrient m ixture can be made because of the antagonism between the different nu trien ts and the polluting effect th at might ensue There is a great need for specific inform ation on
m icronutrient deficiency for different areas so as to make use of m issing or deficient nutrients. Everything concerning a particular m icronutrient relating to soil or plant aspects has been discussed by an expert scholar in the field. Though efforts have been made to collect all the available inform ation on the subject, the author editor do not claim this to be an exhaustive treatise on the subject. It is hoped th a t it will serve a useful purpose for researchers and the practical agriculturists L. L. SOMANI EDITOR
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