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Preface Several developing countries of the world ushered an era of green
revolution in 1970's w itnessing
unprecedental increase in
agricultural production largely due to the introduction of high yielding varieties involving use of large am ount of chem ical fertilizers and pesticides, in addition to im proved irrigation facilities. It w as soon realised that the techniques of green revolution are not appropriate fo r poor farm ers
unable to afford costly fertilizer and
facilities. Exploring biological nitrogen fixation has been proposed as an alternative to m eet this challenge, the usual recom m endation being to introduce crop and forage annual legum es into the .cropping system s. The nitrogen input by these legum es into the soil w as lim ited since a m ajor proportion of nitrogen fixed by these legum es w as rem oved with the harvest of the crop. Moreover, these annual legum es absorb large quantities of nutrients other than nitrogen, leaving the root zone soil depleted of essential nutrients. Biological nitrogen fixation is restricted to prokaryotes, som e of w hich form m utually beneficial sym biotic nitrogen-fixing interactions as the R hizobium -legum e sym biosis. W hile the R hizobium - egum e sym biosis
accounts fo r the fixation
a tm o sph e ric
of trem endous
sym biotic
am ounts