Soils Science : For Career and Competition

Soils Science : For Career and Competition Soils Science : For Career and Competition Sample PDF Download
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Preface Soils and fertilizers constitute important branches of Agriculture, which have assumed greater dimensions due to their varied fields of specialization. Considering enormous breadth and diversity of the subject, a variety of books have been contributed by may authors encompassing various aspects of soils and fertilizers. However these books have either been far away from the reach of students or the subject matter has been presented in voluminous form complicating the topics and rendering the book less acceptable to the readers. The experience tells that either these books are not available to most of the students of the country or if available remain unread due to broad coverage of the topics. To cater the needs of such students the book SOIL SCIENCE has been written. The book covers almost entire field of Soils and Fertilisers from formation of soils to efficient use of fertilizers for sustainable productivity, in the form of objective question and answer. The questions are framed very critically in a manner that they cover entire main topic step by step to trigger a deep interest in readers to the subject matter. The abridged information in this book provides a ready material for all requisite minds to prepare for traditional as well as internal grading system examinations, competitions, interviews, viva-voce, comprehensive preliminary examinations in the discipline of soils and fertilisers. This book would help them to revise the entire courses of soils and fertilisers within a short time and recollect the vast knowledge they gained by reading different books of soils and fertilisers. Fill in the blanks and multiple-choice questions embodied in the book will not only enable the readers to review the knowledge quickly but will also inculcate an understanding of the subject in depth. In nutshell, it can be leaned that a scholar seeking knowledge in any branch of soil science will readily find the desired information in this book. As such the book will serve a great purpose of all classes of aspirants. All the chapters in the book have been meticulously comprehended, compiled and presented with a fine skill. The book is an attempt towards reflecting a sea into pot. I sincerely thank M s Agrotech Publishing Academy, Udaipur for publishing the book in a shortest possible time. Suggestions for improvement of the present book form worthy teachers and student will be gratefully acknowledged.
L.L. Somani
About the Author L.L. Somani Retd. Director Rl MPUAT Udaipur has many papers published in National and International Journals Symposia, etc. and many number of books to his credit in different disciplines of agriculture and allied field. He held different positions in MPUAT and he spreaded highly innovative ideas and programmes for development of Agriculture. Udaipur
L.L. Somani