Textbook Of Production Engineering

Textbook Of Production Engineering

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Publisher PHI Learning All Mechanical Engineering books by PHI Learning
ISBN 9788120347496
Author: K. C. Jain, A. K. Chitale
Number of Pages 920
Edition Second Edition
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About The Book Textbook Of Production Engineering

Book Summary:

This thoroughly revised book, now in its second edition, gives a complete coverage of the fundamental concepts and applications of Production Engineering.

Divided into six parts, the text covers the various theoretical concepts, design and process of metal cutting, the design and mechanism of various machine tools, and various aspects of precision measurement and manufacturing. The concepts and processes of metal working and the design of press tools, various modern methods of manufacturing, such as ultrasonic machining (USM), electrochemical deburring (ECD), and hot machining are also covered. A variety of worked-out examples and end-of-chapter review questions are provided to strengthen the grasp as well as to test the comprehension of the underlying concepts and principles. The text is extensively illustrated to aid the students in gaining a thorough understanding of various production processes and the principles behind them.

The text is intended to serve the needs of the undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering and Production Engineering. The postgraduate students of Mechanical Engineering and Production Engineering will also find the book highly useful.

Key Features

Incorporates a new chapter on Grinding and other Abrasive metal removal processes.
Includes new sections on
Electric motors for machine tools in Chapter 18.
Production of screw threads in Chapter 22.
Linear precision measurement, surface finish, and machine tools in Chapter 23.
Presents several new illustrative examples throughout the book.

Table of Contents:

Part I: Metal Cutting1. Introduction to Materials and Processes. 2. Metal Cutting Tools: Basic Concepts. 3. Cutting Tool Materials. 4. Design of Metal Cutting Tools. 5. Theory of Metal Cutting. 6. Theory of Multipoint Machining. 7. Heat in Metal Cutting and Temperature Measurement. 8. Dynamometry. 9. Tool Failures and Tool Life. 10. Machinability. 11. Economics of Metal Machining. 12. Metal Cutting and Metal Working Fluids.

Part II: Machine Tools13. Introduction to Machine Tools. 14. Design of Machine Tool Beds. 15. Design of Machine Tool Guides and Ways. 16. Design of Feed Power Mechanism and Screw. 17. Design of Machine Tool Gear Box. 18. Stepless Regulation of Speeds. 19. Machine Tool Vibrations. 20. Mechanization and Automation. 21. Numerical and Computer Numerical Controlled Machines. 22. Gear Cutting and Broaching.

Part III: Precision Measurement and Manufacturing23. Metrology and Precision Measurement. 24. Jigs and Fixtures.

Part IV: Metal Working25. Metal Working Processes. 26. Theory of Metal Working Processes. 27. Press Tools and Their Design.

Part V: Modern Methods of Manufacturing28. Unconventional Methods of Machining.

Part VI: Grinding Process29. Grinding and Other Abrasive Metal Removal Processes.

References. Index.