Strategic Marketing Text and Cases The Indian Perspective

Strategic Marketing Text and Cases The Indian Perspective

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Publisher VIVA All Marketing books by VIVA
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Strategic Marketing Text and Cases The Indian Perspective
Book Summary:

In a global economy constantly altered by internet technology and online trade, strategic marketing seeks to align enterprises with customer expectations. The transition from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market has made the Indian business scene dynamic. Responding to the rapid changes of marketing management in India, this book represents strategic marketing practices of the new millennium.

Audience of the Book :
This book will help students, scholars, and tutors sharpen their marketing acumen and research skills in pursuing a career in marketing management. Covering the syllabi of MBA, MIB and other postgraduate level management courses in Indian universities
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1. A separate chapter for emerging marketing concepts, IT-enabled marketing, strategic brand management, environmental audit, customer analysis, brand management, competitor analysis, and mobile-phone-based marketing strategies with plenty of live illustrations from the Indian market.

2. Substantial coverage of various IT-enabled strategic marketing concepts, campaigns, companies, and packages across the product and services sectors.

3. An improved approach to pedagogy designed to enhance student learning.

4. Coverage of technology issues/internet applications throughout the book supplemented with the web-enabled/CD-backed assistance for enhanced learning.

Table of Contents:
  1. Overview of Strategic Marketing in the New Millennium - Global Meltdown and India ,Emerging India and Evolving Consumers ,Rural India … Jai Ho,Strategic Marketing and Marketing Management,Changing the Rules of the Marketing Game,Competitive Advantage,Corporate Strategy vs Marketing Strategy ,Intangible Competitors,Emerging Concepts in Competition.
  2. Marketing Environmental Audit - Demand Drivers of Indian Economy,Corporate India and Economic Uncertainties ,Fundamental Concepts,Environmental Audit,Technological Environment,Characteristics of Effective Audit,Internal Analysis,Methods for Assessing Internal Strength ,Missions and Objectives,The Benefits of Environmental Audit.
  3. Overview of Customer Analysis - Fundamental Concepts and Models,Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour,Using Research to Get into Consumer’s Mind,The Customers’ Adoption Process,Classification of Buyers,Grouping of Customers,Lifetime Value (LTV),Market Segmentation,Customer Motivations,Positioning Strategy,Analysing Profitability,Structural Market Changes,Product Cost Dynamics,Technological Revolutions
  4. Effective Branding Strategies in the New Millennium - Branding Approaches,Developing and Testing a Brand,Positioning and Differentiation Strategies,Managing Brands,Brand as a Strategy
  5. Overview of Competitor Analysis - Fundamental Concepts,Rivalry,Competitive Structure Analysis,Perspectives on Competition ,Analysing Competitors’ Objectives,Competitive Information System (CIS),Competitive Advantage,Competitive Tactics,Competitive Strategies,Enhancing Performance ,Market Challengers’ Strategies,Market Follower’s Strategies,Market Niche’s Strategies
  6. Industry Analysis - Dimensions of an Industry Analysis,Industry Growth,Industry Structure ,Cost Structure ,Industry Trends ,Global Competition ,IT-Enabled Competition ,New Corporate Governing Laws
  7. Technological Revolutions in Strategic Marketing - Modern Business Concepts and Approaches ,Internet and Strategic Marketing ,Online Marketing,The Internet and Industry Structure ,Internet and Competitive Advantage,Strategic Imperatives for Dot.coms
  8. Overview of Strategic Options and Implementation - Fundamental Concepts ,Determinants of Strategic Options ,Growth Strategies ,Product Development for the Existing Market ,Diversification Strategies ,Strategies in the Declining and Mature Market, Market Entry Strategies
  9. Strategies for Global Players - Fundamental Concepts and Approaches ,Global Growth Strategies ,Domestic and Global Marketing Strategies ,Hybrid Strategies ,Implementing the Marketing Strategy ,Organizing for Innovations
  10. Emerging Marketing Concepts Among Corporates During Downturn - New Business Philosophies,Sense and Respond’ Business Models ,Relationship Marketing ,Response Measurement ,Customer-centric Technological Process ,Learning Organization ,Emerging Marketing Trends