BBA BBM Entrance Exam

BBA BBM Entrance Exam BBA BBM Entrance Exam Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
ISBN: 9788174821768

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Previous Year s Solved Paper SECTION I Reasoning Ability 1 148 Logical Reasoning 1 64 SECTION II Business Aptitude
1 72
SECTION III Data Interpretation and Numerical Ability .. 1 152 SECTION IV Objective General Knowledge .. ..
1 96 1 16
SECTION V Reading Comprehension .
1 48
BBA Entrance Exam., 2014 Solved Paper General English Directions Q. 1 3 Correct the expressions in the inverted comma by choosing the correct option. 1. As the gentleman did not want to be disturbed, he left the phone of hooks . A of hook B for the hook C off hooking D off the hook 2. The principal was overburdened with work, his daughter decided to gave her hand. A giving hands B gave her hand C give her hand D No correction required 3. Despite being busy, Radha has keeps in touches with others. A had kept in touch B kept in touch C is keeping touch D are kept touched Directions Q. 4 and 5 Choose the word which is opposite in meaning.