Standard English And Indian Usage : Vocabulary And Grammar

Standard English And Indian Usage : Vocabulary And Grammar Standard English And Indian Usage : Vocabulary And Grammar Sample PDF Download
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Number of Pages: 180
Edition: Second Edition
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About The Book Standard English And Indian Usage
Book Summary:

The Second Edition of this text continues to build on the three aspects of the language discussed in the previous editionvocabulary, grammar and idioms.

Divided into two partsPart One: Vocabulary and Part Two: Grammar the book in Part One deals with Words Often Confused, Indianisms, Indian Coinages, Idioms, and Archaisms. Part Two takes up those areas of grammar in which divergences from Standard English are very commonarticles, prepositions, tenses, verb patterns, and so on.

The emphasis in the Grammar section is not so much on form as on usage. The comments on each divergent item include its Standard English equivalent (and sometimes its origin as well), together with the authors opinion on whether the item should be retained at least within the country.

With such contents and features, the book should prove very valuable to a large cross-section of the educated populationstudents, English teachers, professionals and businessmen.


In Chapter 3, new items on balance/change and marketing/shopping are added.

Additional examples have been provided for dependent questions in Chapter 11.

Explanations and comments have been made clear at many places and a few items transferred to places where they seemed to fit in better.

Table of Contents:
Preface Abbreviations Used
1. Introduction
2. Introduction to Part One: Vocabulary
3. Words Often Confused: Some Important Distinctions
4. Indianisms
5. Indian Coinages
6. Idioms, Idiomatic Expressions, Collocations
7. Archaisms, Style, Cultural Implications
8. Introduction to Part Two: Grammar
9. Subject-Verb Agreement
10. Articles
11. Inversion
12. Prepositions
13. Question Tags
14. Structure Words
15. Tenses
16. Verb Patterns
17. Miscellaneous
Bibliography Index