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Spoken English For Intermediate and Advance Level By Sadhna Syal

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Publisher Indra Publishing
ISBN 9789382518808
Author: Sadhna Syal
Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

Preface A lot of contemplation on my part and an insight into the learning process of an individual, has been my watchword in the writing of this book. I firmly believe that, even though we may know the grammar, yet hesitation in conversing in the language persists. The fluency can only come by speaking the language. I take my cue from the natural process, wherein a year-old-child learns to speak only after repetitive inputs received through the hearing process, which precedes his talking. Similarly, we may absorb the syntax by reading books, by listening to other people, TV and radio news-readers etc, yet speaking in the language poses many challenges. I assure my readers that by the time they have completed the exercises in this book, they will gather enough confidence to express their thoughts with ease and fluency. This book further gives you intensive practice exercises to work independently, enables you to check your mistakes in solving the exercises, without having to turn pages, thereby enabling you to grade yourself and progress at your own speed and convenience. At times there can be more than one correct answer, in which case, we have given the most obvious answer so that, one gets a clue on how to proceed. Different words or phrases have special meanings in certain contexts. The section on vocabulary provides you with the required skills for conversation and communication. It gives an insight on how to make the best use of this terminology and understand the nuances of the language. Often, while reading, we ignore the punctuation and this results in misinterpretation. The comprehension section gives practice of reading and understanding what is being asked and replying accordingly. Answers must be given in complete sentences. The short answers at the end of each passage are only a cue for the readers. I have further perceived the need to familiarize my readers with dos and don ts to e-mails, thereby further empowering them by minimizing their chances of errors in the most used and convenient method of communication today. A word of advice to all my readers - Go through each chapter slowly and thoroughly, read the instructions carefully and then proceed to solve the exercises with a pencil and eraser at hand. By the time you complete this book, you will feel much more confident and empowered to speak the English language as she is spoken.
Spoken English For Intermediate and Advance Level
Acknowledgements I would like to acknowledge the people who have tirelessly worked with me on this book and helped me to present it in its published format. First and foremost, I am grateful to Mr. Manish Gupta, my publisher, for having thought of the concept of a book for spoken English with intensive practice material along with the answers. I also acknowledge the contribution of Ms. Deepali Gupta for her inputs. The result is the book in your hand. My heartfelt thanks to Mr. Pramod Singh, for formatting and presentation of the contents and his creative efforts in designing the cover. In this, he was ably assisted by Ms Apoorva Srivastava. They have both contributed in their own special way. I am obliged to Yogesh Syal, my husband, who is my biggest critic. He was very patient while going through the entire material and his invaluable advice has helped me to present to you a book that will prove very practical and useful. My loving thanks to Reetika and Sarvesh - my children, who have always egged me on, when ever I was ready to give up on things. I am indebted to Beenu Lamba, my friend, who pitched in every time I had a writer s