Letter Writing An Art

Letter Writing An Art Letter Writing An Art Sample PDF Download
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Letter Writing An Art

Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
ISBN: 9789350130155

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Preface Correspondence is the soul of social life as the social life is the sign of civility. Certainly we all know that man is a social animal. He cannot survive without society. In the society we have to interact with other people also. So it is not possible for us to go and deal with things personally. Hence correspondence helps us a great deal. Letter writing is an art in the same way as we create other arts to impress and influence people for fetching their favour. Sometimes money falls behind and good impressive talks and correspondence serve the purpose respectfully. The book in hand Letter Writing An Art deals with the three principal fields of letter writing viz. Business, official and personal or social. Though telephones, internet and E-mail have been introduced in modern dealings, but none could replace letters. They have still their gravity. Without letters we can not serve our purpose, may it be social, official or business matter. So we must learn the art and letter writing. This book will serve your purpose. This book teaches you the lively language and etiquettes of modern society. So you may trust it as your friend, philosopher and guide. Your suggestions for further improvements are cordially invited. And your cooperation is earnestly solicitted. Author
Introduction 3 6 Business Letters 7 13 Chapter 1 Circular Letters 14 18 Chapter 2 Sale and Service 19 21 Chapter 3 Be Resolute But Realistic 22 27 Chapter 4 Business Enquiries 28 30 Chapter 5 Letters of Introduction 31 32 Chapter 6 Legal Correspondence 33 41 Chapter 7 Public, Political, Police Correspondence 42 49 The World of Advertisement 50 52 Chapter 8 Banking Business 53 54 Chapter 9 Letters of Complaints 55 67