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SSB (What? How? And Why?) by J.B Mall

By J.B Mall more
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Publisher Upkar Prakashan
ISBN 9789350131220
Author: J.B Mall
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About this eBook

Preface Mind may doubt and heart may fail, when called upon to face new mode of thoughts. But I am earnest, firm in conviction, will not retard, will never retreat a single inch whatever I believe to be right. This scientific system of selection spreaded its haphazard cuts and its causes due to its failure which further challenged its suitability. This unsuitability stood with its IInd challenge, which compelled the psychologist and scientists to review it for its survival. This system of selection was reinducted as a psychological based selection due to tremendous efforts of the experts. This system survived its new life which can be attributed to its revival after the second world war of 1939. The said selection system further imposed an ambiguous phenomenon as it remained uniterpreted and unmasked. Gentlemen, you will feel pleasure and even I am proud to appraise that this system of selection is one of the best in the world. First time, I am presenting a trying package to explore and interpret it with Why How and What this system of selection is Since 1939, this technique is facing mutual conflict that How to write Why to write and finally What to write Thousand of my disciples including myself have faced number of experts including INTERVIEWING OFFICERS, G.T.Os and Scientists. We all have submissively made efforts during and after their conferences to make them spell what to write and why to write But always and every time they have been speaking with how to write only. On open and humble request of aspirants to spell what to write and why to write , they have always said No . This conceiving and possessive concept of the assessors of this system revolutionalised me and my mind, first to know the entire philosophy behind it and then to spell it to all of you. Having gone into a lot of researches and having faced repression and supression on various occasions, the entire philosophy of the SSB from ground to sky is being submitted which can provide a true and rich guidance to make very good officer and even a very good citizen of this country. Luck extends opportunities while knocking the different doors, but destiny undertakes its own turn and takes you to the place wherever it would like to pick you up. I myself having been educated from HARE RAM PATHSHALA gjs jke ikB k k would hereby mean an
interior or rustic primary and junior school where children are taught in a regional language plunged into the system in 1972-73 and stayed up to 1980. I distanced myself for a period of 7 years opting Semi-Govt. job as an officer. This destiny again dashed me to join this system again in 1987. Since then, I have been burning my midnight oil to research, explore and expose this system and with a concept to interpret What Why and How . The purpose behind it, is to impart the real education knowledge of SSB s technique to all the men and women aspirants in the interest of the masses and the nation atlarge. The induction of WOMEN COMMISSION being a brain child of the high policy makers had been gathering dust and was awaiting for opportunity to plunge on the surface. However, the first Gulf war broke out in 1991-92 and the U. S. army landed with its women force to combat the war. Taking cognizance of this situational instance the high policy makers of the Union Ministry of Defence inducted Women Commission in its three wings of the armed forces in 1992. Since 1939 to till date whatever books or literature are available in the market, are only useful for men. Women are taking the guidance from these literatures as nothing is particularly available for them. I am extremely pleased to introduce this literature

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