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Ontological Sounds

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Publisher Abhijeet Publications
ISBN 9788188683175
Author: Gerda Wever-Rabehl
Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

and the con nection betw een form and content that it
ix represents, I deliberately chose to w eave the im portant themes o f Being and Good for philosophy into the fabric o f prose. O n e m ay be rem inded that W estern science did not sta rt w ith o b serv atio n s about particu lars but instead w ith very bold and vision ary narratives about the world and the universe6 . H ence it has been a natural move for m e to look to the uniquely im aginary thought o f the G reek w orld, the Eleatic world of Being and that of Indian thou ght and p h ilosop hy for a philosophical and visionary foundation to these philosophical essays. I am a novice in using som e of these ideas and will be out o f m y depth w hen experts m ight argue on particular phrases or w ords Parm enides or Xenophanes m ight have used, m eant or im plied. H ow ever, as philosophers too often replace beau tifu l stories by others which do not m ake sense, even a novice m ay stand up to defend an old tra d itio n , and I am th u s jo in in g Karl P op p er in speaking prim arily as a lover o f the beautiful story of the A n cien t G reek s7 . The w ay G reek as well as Indian A ncient th ou g h t m ay co n trib u te to our contem porary understanding o f Being, o f the world in which we live, and consequently, o f the w ay w e shape our own role in the w orld, is m ultifaceted. Firstly, early G reek and ancient Indian cosm ological stories o f the beginning and unfolding of all of existence are am on g st the m ost cru cial m etap h orical stories to explain the structure of the w orld we live in. Som e of the d e lib e ra tio n s in this co lle ctio n w ill fall into this category o f cosm ological stories, as, in order to add to our understanding of the world we live in, philosophy m u st re tu rn to c o s m o lo g y 8 . O r rather, in that o f the broad er categ o ry o f cosm ogony, sp ecu lativ e stories of the c re a tio n , o rig in and e v o lu tio n o f the u n iv e rse , speculations which made up m uch of early Greek and ancient Indian as well as tw entieth century cosmology. These specu lation s on the nature and origins of Being are not dogm atic universals but need to be understood m etaphorically, as in the dom ains o f which we speak in
x this collection, the dom ains o f Being and of Good, no firm knowledge is to be had. In the words of Xenophanes, even if by chance, I were to utter the perfect truth, I would m yself not know it, for all is but a woven web of guesses9 . A M etap h o r o f G ood Nevertheless, the Ancient Greek and Indian metaphors of the origins and unfolding o f all o f existence may assist