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Karma, Dharma and Moksha

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Publisher Abhijeet Publications
ISBN 9788188683239
Author: Jagat Pal
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About this eBook

The papers included in this volume, except C hapter 1, were all previously published. I have made no substantial changes in them . I have retained their original character because I consider them w orth saying what I have said through them . T hough the papers were w ritten separately at different times but they exhibit a com m on conceptual fram ework. The issues discussed in them belong to the area of Indian ethics. I have discussed them exclusively in a critical and conceptual m anner w ithout showing disrespect to any Indian system of thought because I strongly believe that only after examining critically the concepts of karma, dharma and moksha, which are considered to be the key concepts of Indian ethics, religion and culture, one can build up on them any new conceptual and norm ative system o f thought. My p rim ary m otivation in analyzing and presenting the concepts of karma, dhhaina and moksha critically is to ascertain how far these concepts can be useful to provide guidance in to d a y s in d iv id u al and social life. W hile analysing and examining them critically, I have taken a stand to which the readers o f this book may or may not agree. This volum e is the outcom e o f a w idely felt need for the undergraduate and postgraduate students in Philosophy. I hope that this volum e will be found useful to them.
Jagat Pal
The papers published earlier and included in this volume originally appeared in the journals mentioned below. The author is grateful to their editors and publishers for giving him perm ission to reproduce them in this volume. C hapter 2 The Essence, Vol. 3, 1995 C hapter 3 Indian P hilosophical Quarterly, Vol. X X V III, No. 3, July 2001 C hapter 4 Indian Philosophical Quarterly, X X V I I I , No. 2, A pril 2001 C hapter 5 JIC PR, Vol. X V I, No. 2, JanuaryA pril, 1999 Chapter 6 JICPR, Vol. XV, No. 1, Septem berD ecem ber 1997 C hapter 7 Indian P hilosophical Quarterly, Vol. X X V II, No. 1 2, January-A pril 2000 C hapter 8 JICPR, Vol. IX , No. 3, M ay-August, 1992 C hapter 9 Philosophy and the Life-World, Vidyasagar University Journal o f Philosophy, Vol. Ill, 2000-2001 C hapter 10 The Visva Bharati Journal o f Philosophy, Vol. XXX IX, No. 2, February 1993 C hapter 11 Fifth International Geeta C onference held at Jodhpur, D ecem ber 14-18, 1980 and C hapter 12 YugUdbodhan, January 1997 .
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