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Inspiring Thoughts of Acharya Mahaprajna

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Publisher Abhijeet Publications
ISBN 9789380031798
Author: A D Mishra & B R Dugar
Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

Life is neither a bed of roses, nor it is throne alone. Life is a stru ggle blend s of ups and dow ns, sorrow s and jo y s, su ccess and failure, darkn ess and light, good and bad, honour and dishonour, gain and loss. It keeps on a s s e s s in g a p e r s o n 's fo r titu d e b y p re s e n tin g u npredictable situ ation s w ithout a fore w arning. No one can escap e from this hard reality of life. Every one of us w ould like to be happy all the tim e, but the reality is quite differen t opp osite and e a c h o n e h a s h is h e r s h a re o f fa v o u r a b le and u nfavourable circum stances. A nd this too is a fact that different p ersons beh ave ab solu tely unlike each other in adverse circum stances. For one, an adverse situ ation m ight m ean a bleak future w hile another m ight consider the opportunity a challenge to reshape his or her destiny. Those w ho are positive and sensitive towards others' troubles are m ore liable to take life 's challenges in their stride. Every hindran ce and failure leaves a person stronger and wiser. W ise m an learns from every m istake and failure. It is on ly w hile facing a difficult situ ation that a p erson com es to know of h is real inner strength. Ju st as w ood is seasoned by giving hot and cold treatm ents altern atively before b ein g used in house c o n s tr u c tio n , s im ila r ly e m e r g e n c e o f v a rie d
vi unpredictable con d ition s and circu m stances m akes a m an stronger, more m ature, determ ined and unshakable. A stone turns into a diam ond on ly after u n d ergoin g a lot of cutting, carving and polishing. H ina gives colou r only w hen it is crush ed and m ixed w ith w ater. G old shines after heating. Sim ilarly w ise m en w ith positive attitude learn from the past m istakes and start a fresh look tow ards situ ation s in w hich they are placed. H appiness is a state of m ind. H ap piness w ou ld not be so valuable in absence o f troubles. It is o n ly defeat w hich m akes v ictory so enviable. Every n igh t has a day tou gh situ ation s are forebod ings of good tim es. It is nature's way of m aintaining a balance in every m an's life on this earth. To lead a h ap p y life is not a b ig or ted iou s task. H appiness is not som ething that com es to you , it is som ething you create. It's not w hat hap p ens to you that cou nts but how you react to it, that m atters. By adopting a positive attitude, life becom es an adventure. The art of being h ap p y lies in the pow er of extractin g happiness from com m on things and by the G o d 's grace. There are tim es w hen in spite of ou r b est efforts,