Mathematics Smart Book Real Numbers For Class X (CBSE)

Mathematics Smart Book Real Numbers For Class X (CBSE) Mathematics Smart Book Real Numbers For Class X (CBSE) Sample PDF Download
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Mathematics Smart Book Real Numbers For Class X (CBSE) by Let's Tute
Book Summary:

Learning Numbers is the first step to enter the world of Mathematics. It includes both rational and irrational numbers. It is denoted with the symbol “R”.

This Smartbook on the chapter Real Numbers (12 pages) is your one step guide to help you score well in mathematics by solving all your unanswered doubts and queries. This book will enable you to become an expert on the topic by helping you understand each and every concept right from the basics.

This book is loaded with the following features:

1. Concept explanation with charts for quick revision

2. QR codes for the video explanation

3. Collection of Multiple choice questions

4. Solved problems and questions for your own practice

5. Tips and tricks to solve sums quickly

6. Summary in the form of 'At a glance'

It covers following topics:

• Numbers system:

1) Natural number

2) whole number

3) Integers

4) rational numbers

5) Irrational numbers

6) prime numbers

7) Composite Numbers

• Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic and Euclid's Division Lemma

• HCF and LCM

• Proof for Irrational numbers

The product is in printable form (PDF). You can study it on a computer or take prints for your reference. This Smartbook on ‘Real Numbers’ covers all the topics as mentioned in the NCERT textbook for grade 10. So just grab it to score well in your board exams.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for Class X students.