Issues on Rural Finance, Infrastructure and Rural Development

Issues on Rural Finance, Infrastructure and Rural Development Issues on Rural Finance, Infrastructure and Rural Development Sample PDF Download
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Preface Rural Finance and Infrastructure in Rural Areas play a very v ital role in Rural D evelop m en t. A s m ore than tw o-third of Indian pop ulation is living in rural areas, there has em erged serio u s p ro blem s o f d ev elo p m en t of u nd erd evelop m ent, eco n o m ic b ack w ard n ess, poverty, u nem p loym ent, hun ger d eath s, farm ers' su icid es, insurgency, p oor health facilities, and ro p er ed u cation etc. Sch em es like N REG S and Below P o v erty L evel R ation C ard s h av e ach ieved very little for the u p liftm en t of poor m asses resid in g in rural areas. T h e im p o rtan ce of the ru ral b an k in g in the econ om ic d ev elo p m en t o f a cou n try can n o t b e overlooked. G an d h iji said "R ea l India resides in its v illag es", and village econom y is the b ack bon e o f In d ian econom y. W ithout rev italizin g the rural econom y as w ell as the rural people of our country, the objectives of econom ic planning and developm ent cannot be ach iev ed . In fact, the real grow th of Indian econ om y lies in the em ancipation of ru ral m asses from acute poverty, unem ploym ent, and socio-econom ic backwardness. To achieve the g o a ls of h ealth , ed u cation and em ploym en t to all we have to w ork harder in fields of rural economy, rural finance and ru ral in stitutions to create a healthy rural infrastructure w h ich w ou ld en ab le to ach iev e the above m entioned goals of ru ral d ev elop m en t.
iv There are m an y plans, fu n d s and sch em es, w hich are operating in the field. However, an honest and real appraisal of the ach iev em en t o f these p ro gram m es clearly rev eals that such program m es failed to attain the desired objectives due to the back w ard econ om ic con d itio n , lack of adequ ate fin an ce and ram p an t corru p tion at all levels. H ence the need to in v olv in g N G O s and h on est selfless w orkers in the field of ru ral d ev elo p m en t arises. The b o o k con stru ctively stu d ies the p ro blem s related to ru ral fin an ce, ru ral in frastru ctu re and ru ral d ev elo p m en t and tries to provide som e answ ers to the enigm atic questions related w ith this field. G .D . B anerjee Srijeeet Banerji
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