Cooperation : Theory and Practise

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Cooperative enterprises throughout the world raise the value of local farm output and n atural resources, provide incom e opportunities and help to stabilize the rural development. Some cooperatives reached out horizontally and vertically to produce new services, benefiting farm and non farm sector through economic diversification and integration. They creates new jobs by harvesting locally available resources. Cooperatives are sensitive to the business conditions of an area and the needs of its primary member users. They bring together members, capital, business and services in a competitive way under local leadership and control. At global level they are governed by internationally accepted principles. Lack of economic performance by some cooperatives was often rationalized. Education and understanding have their roles, but the real name of the game is economics. A cooperative's success or failure depends on how well it performs its economic purpose. The economic liberalization has already brought new opportunities to cooperatives to deal emerging competitions throughout the world so as to safeguard the interest of the weaker sections. Even during present day financial crises cooperatives alone safeguard the small investors. Opportunities are great, but successful new cooperative ventures do not spring up overnight. Large amounts of due diligence, time and hard work precede the startup of operations.
vi Cooperation as an academic discipline is of recent origin. Many Universities Colleges in India are offering this subject at graduate and post graduate levels as major or allied subjects. Gandhigram Rural University, Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya Arts Science College, Coimbatore, and TBML College Porayar in Tamilnadu offer research degrees in Cooperation. This book is an attempt to bring a text book on Cooperation Theory and Practice to the students of Cooperation. In this context we thank the Authorities of Ambo College of A gricu ltu re, Ambo and G andhigram Rural U niversity, Gandhigram, for their encouragements to bring this publication. We remember here the encouragements we received from Dr. A.Savarimuthu, Reader in Cooperation, Dr. Frank Ratna Kumar Vice Principal, TBML College, Porayar, Dr. B. Subburaj, Professor Head and Dr. P. Sivaprakasam Professor, Departm ent of Cooperation, Gandhigram Rural University. K. Ravichandran S. Nakkiran