Fundamentals Of Cytogenetics And Genetics

Fundamentals Of Cytogenetics And Genetics

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Publisher PHI Learning All Genetics books by PHI Learning
ISBN 9788120340336
Author: Mahabal Ram
Number of Pages 672
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About The Book Fundamentals Of Cytogenetics And Genetics

Book Summary:

This comprehensive and well-written text provides thorough understanding of the principles and applications of cytogenetics and genetics in an easy-to-understand style.

The text is divided into Four parts. Part I on Principles of Cytogenetics deals with evolution and structure of cell, cell division and change, and structure of genetic material. Part II on Principles of Genetics provides detailed discussions on transmission, distribution and arrangement of genetic material, and evolution of species. Part III which is on Molecular Genetics discusses functions of genetic material including biotechnology and genetic engineering, and the last Part IV on Quantitative Genetics deliberates on the course of genetic material in populations.

A historical approach to the subject has also been presented to show the continuity and progress.


Incorporates latest and up-to-date information on the subjects covered.

Provides review questions at the end of each chapter to test the understanding of the concepts discussed.

Gives ample references to explore further.

Includes a glossary of important terms.

The book is eminently suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students of botany, agriculture, zoology and biotechnology for courses in genetics/genetics and cytogenetics. In addition, the book would also be useful to students appearing in different competitive examinations.

Table of Contents:
Preface Introduction
1. Evolution of Cell
2. Cell Division
3. Organization of Chromosome and Theory of Heredity
4. Chromosomal Aberrations (Structural)
5. Chromosomal Variation (Numerical), Polyploidy and Its Evolutionary Significance
6. Mendel and Principles of Heredity
7. Exceptions to Mendelian Principles of Inheritance
8. Linkage and Crossing Over
9. Evolution of Species
10. Multiple Alleles and Blood Groups
11. Sex Determination and Sex Linkage
12. Inheritance of CytoplasmicGenetic System
13. Gene and Environmental Adaptation
14. Genetics of Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses
15. Mutation and Mutagenesis
16. Nucleic Acids (DNA and RNA): Their Structures and Functions
17. DNA Synthesis
18. Discovery of Genetic Code
19. Fine Structure of Gene
20. Gene Regulation and Expression (Transcription and Translocation)
21. GeneEnzymeProtein Relationship
22. Biotechnology and Transgenetic Plants
23. Plant Genetic Engineering
24. Concept of Gene Cloning and Procedure for Reconstruction of Recombinant DNA
25. Concept of Probability
26. Multiple Factor Hypothesis and Polygenic Inheritance
27. Genetic Components of Variances
28. Role of Genotype and Environment in Quantitative Traits
29. Population Genetics
30. Measurement of Quantitative Characters
Appendix Glossary Index