Crop Production In Stress Environment: Genetic and Management Option

Crop Production In Stress Environment: Genetic and Management Option

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Publisher Agrobios Publications All Plant Physiology books by Agrobios Publications
ISBN 9788190430906
Author: Singh DP, Tomar VS, Behl RK, Upadhyaya SD, Bhale MS, Khare D
Number of Pages 686
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Crop Production In Stress Environment: Genetic and Management Option by Singh DP, Tomar VS, Behl RK, Upadhyaya SD, Bhale MS, Khare D
Book Summary:

This book is based on the research findings presented by eminent scientists from India and abroad. Major purpose of this publication is to highlight the technologies related to management of natural resources and crop improvement/ gene technologies that are developed at global level to minimize the effects of biotic and abiotic stresses on crop production and for ameliorating yield and stress tolerance potential of crops in green and grey areas as well as socio-economic aspects.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for Genetics, Plant Physiology.
Table of Contents:
  1. Harnessing Science and Technology for Sustainable Rice Based Production Systems
  2. Inter-Linkages and Association Among Stress Tolerance Traits and their Utilization for Crop Improvement in Stress Environments
  3. Client-Oriented Breeding: A Better Way of Describing Farmers Participation in Plant Breeding
  4. Designing of Crop Improvement and Seed Production Programmes for Sustainable Production Under Stress Environments
  5. Triticale: An Escalating Stress Tolerant Crop in the Carpathian Basin Region of Europe
  6. Prospects of Improving Drought Tolerance in Common Bean
  7. Genetic Options for Drought Management in Sorghum
  8. Genetic Enhancement of Stress Tolerance in Chickpea: Present Status and Future Prospects
  9. Maize and Wheat Breeding Under Stress Conditions in Hungary
  10. Variability Among Disomic Chromosome Substitution Lines of Wheat for Content and Uptake of Important Micronutrients
  1. Breeding Drought Tolerant Chickpea Genotypes Using Morpho-Physiological Traits
  2. Root Characteristics Related to Drought Tolerance in Chickpea
  3. Some Physiological Responses of Snap Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.) to Water Stress During Reproductive Period
  4. Physiological Mechanisms of Heat Tolerance in Snap Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.)
  5. Plant Genes Influencing Heat Tolerance in Wheat
  6. Delayed Leaf Senescence, Meteorological Parameters, Morphological Traits and their Association with Grain Yield in Wheat
  7. Effect of Early and Terminal Heat Stress on Biomass Partitioning, Chlorophyll Stability and Yield of Different Wheat Genotypes
  8. Response of Sorghum Genotypes to High Night Temperature
  9. Selection of N Use Efficient Maize Genotypes
  10. Evaluation of Pigeonpea Genotypes for Phosphorus Use Efficiency
  1. Exploitation of Host Plant Resistance for the Development of Wilt Resistant Chickpea Genotypes
  2. Development of Resistant Lines of Onion against Purple Blotch
  3. Inheritance and Allelic Relationship of Genes Giving Resistance to Pod Fly in Pigeonpea (Cajanus Cajan)
  4. Identification of Morphological/Productivity Traits for Chilo Partellus Resistance in Maize
  5. Screening for Multiple Resistance to Biotic Stresses in Groundnut
  6. Screening of Fieldpea Genotype against Rust
  7. Screening of Sorghum Germplasm against Shoot Fly (Atherigona Soccata Rondani)
  8. Screening of White Onion Germplasm for Year Round Production
  9. Morhpophysiological Disorders Induced in Damping-Off Pathogen Aphanomyces Cochlioides By Host Rhizoplane Bacteria
  10. Isolation and Characterization of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria from the Rhizoplane of Rice, Wheat and Tomato Cultivated in Bangladesh
  11. Understanding of Ecochemical Interactions Between Plants and Zoospores: Potentials for Biorational Control of the Peronosporomycete Soil Borne Phytopathogens
  12. Rhizo-Biocomplex: An Important Concept to Regulate Rhizospherous Environment for Sustainable Crop Production
  1. Biotechnological Approaches for Improving the Tolerance of Wheat to Abiotic Stress
  2. Genetic Diversity of Photo-Period Insensitive and Sensitive Genotypes of Soybean Determined By Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (Aflp) Markers
  3. Study of Genetic Diversity in Different Genotypes of Brassica Napus By Sds-Page
  4. Studies on Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Transgenic Tomatoes
  5. Performance of Transgenic Cotton Hybrids to Combat Bollworms At Farmers Fields
  6. in Vitro Screening for Salt Tolerance in Sugarcane
  7. Studies on the Anther Culture of Groundnut: Callus Induction and Differentiation from Anther Cultures in Arachis Species
  8. Investigation of Salt Tolerance in Potato (Solanum Tuberosum L.) with in Vitro Methods
  9. Improving the Anther Culture Efficiency of Recalcitrant Indica Rice Varieties By Combination of Cultu+W400re Media and Temperatures
  10. Identification and Characterization of New Microsatellite Makrers Associated with Apparent Amylose Content in Rice
  11. Identification of Molecular Markers Linked to Fiber Quality Traits in Upland Cotton
  12. Mapping New Qtls for Improvement of Downy Mildew (Sclerospora Graminicola (Sacc.) J. Schroet J Resistance in Pearl Millet (Pennisetum Glaucum (L.) R. Br.)
  1. Natural Resource Management Options for Rainfed Vertisols and Associated Soils of India
  2. Determination of Optimum Fertilizer Recommendations Using A Computer Model of Nitrogen Balance
  3. Growth Analysis of Indian Mustard as Influenced By Nitrogen Levels
  4. Influence of Phosphorus and Sulphur Application in Indian Mustard
  5. Soil Alkalinity and Yield of Different Cotton Cultivars Under Rain Fed Farming
  6. Conservation and Utilization of Rainfed Areas through Agroforestry Interventions - An Overview
  7. Integrated Farming System Under Stress Environment
  8. Evaluation of Sustainability Indices of Improved Management Practices of Dryland Agriculture in Western Madhya Pradesh
  9. Water Stress Management for Crop Production in Black Alkali Soils
  10. Evaluation of Optimum Range of Soil Moisture Stress for Establishment of Rabi Crops in Vertisols
  11. Sustainable Production of Food, Energy and Industry Raw Materials through New Crop Rotation Systems Involving Perennial Rhizomatous Grasses
  12. Seasonal Variability of Percolation from Tanks in Vertisols of Narsinghpur District
  13. Possibilities of the Evaluation of Productivity and Sustainability of the Farming Systems in Temperate Climate Zone
  14. Influence of Phoshporus and Zinc on Yield Attributes and Yield of Green Gram Under Irrigated Arid Conditions of Western Rajasthan
  15. Utilization of Humic Acid in Crops Production - An Overview
  16. Effect of Temperature and Moisture Stress on Teh Soil Bacterial Community Structures
  17. Biological Control of Heavy Metal Mobilization and Transport with Consequences for Phytoremediation and Food Contamination
  18. Influence of Heavy Metals on Seed Germination and Biochemical Components of Okra (Abelmoschus Esculentus (L.) Moench) Seedlings
  19. Priming in Relation to Seed Vigour in Okra (Abelmoschus Esculentus L. Moench)
  20. Dry Matter Partitioning: Nodulation and their Impact on Grain Yield in Urdbean in Response to Climatic Changes
  21. Intercropping in Hot Arid Regions - A Key to Resource Conservation
  22. An Integrated Approach to Manage Soybean Diseases for Sustainable Yield and Production
  23. Use of Vam Fungi in Some Selected Agro-Forestry Trees in Stress Conditions
  24. Development of Pest Forecast Models for Key Pests of Sorghum
  25. Weather Based Forewarning Model for Groundnut Leaf Miner
  26. Role of Abiotic Factors on Population Dynamics of Pigeonpea Pod Fly (Melanagromyza Obtuse Malloch)
  27. Efficacy of Some Plant Products against Termite Management in Irrigated Wheat
  1. Gender Policy and Mainstreaming in Agricultural Research: Possibilities and Constraints
  2. Gender Differentials in Food Intake, Disease and Health Care in Agriculture and Dairy Farming Systems in Haryana, India
  3. Household Food Security of Tribal Farmers in Jharkhand
  4. Conservation and Exploitation of the Horticultural Diversity in Chhattisgarh for Sustainable Agricultural Development
  5. Production Potential and Economics of Mustard Based Crop Sequences on the Farmers' Field in Rajasthan
  6. Technological Gaps in Pest Management Among Rural Women in Coastal Agro Eco-System of Orissa
  7. Cotton Production Risk Management through Crop Insurance: A Case Study of Nimar Valley of Central India
  8. Promotion of Productive High Quality G. Arboreum Cotton to Meet the Needs of Cultivators of Rainfed Ecosystem Vis-À-Vis Textile Industries