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Product Specifications

Publisher Agrobios Publications All Plant Physiology books by Agrobios Publications
ISBN 9788177545746
Author: H P Sharma,R K Pandey And Indu Kumari
Number of Pages 145
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Photosynthesis by H P Sharma, R K Pandey And Indu Kumari
Book Summary:

The book comprises many chapters, such as Introduction, Light reaction, Dark Reaction, Photorespiration/ Glycolate Metabolism (C2-Cycle), Bacterial Photosynthesis and Factors Affecting the Rate of Photosynthesis. Each chapter is very comprehensive and has been highly simplified to give clarity to the text and concept to be easily comprehensible through; lucid language, suitable headings and sub-heading, illustrative diagrams, flow chart, cycles, graphs and tables. The chapter Bacterial Photosynthesis is well described, which is otherwise not getting much attention in most of the available books. In the last section selected references have been given and small list of valuable books have also been suggested for the benefit of students.

Audience of the Book :
This Book Useful For Plant Physiology.
Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction
  2. The Path of Electron in Photosynthesis
  3. Calvin Cycle or C, Cycle
  4. Hatch and Slack Pathway (C, Cycle)
  5. Carbon Dioxide Fixation in Succulent Species (Crassulacean Acid Metabolism)
  6. Oxygen Inhibition of Photosynthesis or Photorespiration
  7. Bacterial Photosynthesis 
  8. Photosynthesis Factors
  Selected Reference and Books