The Cell and Molecular Biology : Fundamental and Applications

By S S Purohit more
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Publisher Agrobios Publications All Biotechnology books by Agrobios Publications
ISBN 9788177543407
Author: S S Purohit
Number of Pages 1252
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The Cell and Molecular Biology : Fundamental and Applications by S S Purohit
Book Summary:

The book describes key cell biology concepts needed to study molecular biology, and presents the key concepts of molecular biology necessary for various fields of biosciences. The book explores the basic concepts of Molecular Biology of the Cell with current understanding of cell biology and intriguing implications and possibilities of that which remains unknown.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for Genetics, Biotechnology.
Table of Contents:
  1. Cell: Cell Theory, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry: Historical Development
  2. Origin of Life
  3. Cell Types and Diversity
  4. How Cell Is Studied
  5. Microscopy
  6. Chemistry of Cell
  7. Organic Components: Proteins
  8. Organic Components: Carbohydrates
  9. Organic Components: Lipids
  10. Organic Component Nucleic Acids: Dna
  11. Organic Component Nucleic Acids: Rna
  12. Enzymes
  13. Cell Membrane Structure and Functions
  14. The Cell Surface and Cellular Interactions
  15. The Cytoskeleton
  16. Mitochondria and Cell Energetics
  17. Plastids and Chloroplasts
  18. Endoplasmic Reticulum
  19. Golgi Complex
  20. Lysosomes
  21. Ribosomes
  22. Centrioles
  23. Interphase Nucleus
  24. Prokaryotic Chromosome: Plasmids, Cosmid, is Elements, Transpones and Retroelements
  25. Eukaryotic Chromosome
  26. Cell Cycle: Molecular Basis
  27. Mitosis
  28. Meiosis
  29. Reproduction: Germ Cells, Fertilization, Parthenogenesis and Apomixis
  30. Basic Concepts of Genetics
  31. Metabolism: General
  32. Metabolism: Carbohydrates
  33. Metabolism: Protein
  34. Metabolism Lipids
  35. Metabolism: Nucleic Acid
  36. Metabolism of Inborn Errors
  37. Cytoplasmic Inheritance
  38. Linkage and Crossing Over in Diploid Organisms
  39. Sexuality and Recombination in Bacteria and Viruses
  40. Mutation: General Concepts
  41. Mutation: the Molecular Basis
  42. Mutation: Variation in Chromosome Number and Structure
  43. Mutations in Microorganisms
  44. Mutation and Inheritance
  45. The Gene
  46. Gene Expression
  47. Gene Cloning and Recombinant DNA Technology
  48. Dna Fingerprinting
  49. Expression of Induced Genes
  50. Gene Silincing and Antisense Technology
  51. Genetic Engineering Techniques
  52. Gene Therapy
  53. Immunology and Serology
  54. Hybridoma Technology and Monoclonal Antibiodies
  55. Cellular Aging and Senessence
  56. Neoplasia
  57. Plant Tissue Culture: Principles and Methodology
  58. Animal Cell and Tissue Culture