A Textbook Of Biotechnology Vol. II

A Textbook Of Biotechnology Vol. II

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Publisher Laxmi Publications All Biotechnology books by Laxmi Publications
ISBN 9788131800591
Author: Rehana Khan
Number of Pages 323
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A Textbook Of Biotechnology Vol. II by Rehana Khan
Book Summary:

The book is intended for undergraduate students of pure and applied sciences for Indian universities. A book of Biotechnology which may cover all the major domains of human activity and welfare ranging from agriculture to medicine and environment was long awaited. This book is successful attempt in this direction.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for Biotechnology students.
Table of Contents:


1. Biochemical Composition of Cells, Protein, Lipids Carbohydrates Nucleic Acid and Metabolic Pool

2. Broad Classification of Cell Types PPLO, Bacteria, Eukaryotic, Microbes and Animal Cell

3. The Cell Theory Precellular, Evolution Artificial Creation of Cells 4. A Detailed Classification of Cell Type within an Organism

5. Cells, Tissue, Organ and Organism as different Levels of Organization of otherwise Genetically Similar Cells

6. Ecological Amplitude of Cells in High Altitude, Sediments, Arctic, Hot Spring, Arid Brackish and Fresh Water Environment. 


7. Cell Division and Cell Cycle (Incl, of Cell Synchrony and its Application)

8. Cell-Cell Interaction

9. Cell Locomotion (Amoeboid, Flagellar, Cilliar)

10. Cell Senescence and Death

11. Muscle and Nerve Cells

12. Cell Differentiation in Animals. 


13. The Immune System and Immunity along with Historical Perspective

14. Antigen-Antibody and their Structure

15. Antigen-Antibody Interaction

16.The Organ and Cells of Immune System and their Function

17. Humoral and Cell Tediates Immunity (Role of MHC & Genetic Restriction)

18. Origin and DIversity in Immune System, Effector Mechanisms 19. Immunity to Infectious Diseases, Vaccines. 


20. The Set Theory Properties of Subsets Linear and Geometric Function

21. Limits of Functions, Derivative of Function-The Binomial Theorem

22. Logarithms, Differentiation and Integration

23. Probability Calculation

24. Method of Sampling Confidence Level 't' Test and X2 (Chi-Square Test)

25. Measurement of Central Tendencies. 


26. Computers : General Introduction to Computers, Organisation of Computers

27. Digital and Analog Computers, Computer Algorithm

28. Computers in On-line Monitoring and Automation

29. Application of Computer into Ordination of Solute Concentration pH and Temperature of a Fermenter in Operation.