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ISBN: 9788187680048

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Preface In a world where basic research is more than ever driven by final, marketable prod ucts, Food Processing Biotechnological Applications considers the increasingly important role o f microbial systems, enzymes, improved preservation techniques, bio-safety measures and bio-engineering in the development o f new and improved food products. The volume is organized in 14 chapters, each pertaining to the prin ciples and applications o f concepts. The objective o f this text is not to examine all the food related ramifications of biotechnology but to provide a perspective on the important biotechnological is sues having direct relevance to food processing. Even with this restricted perspec tive, the potential topic range is enormous and it is not possible to review the whole field comprehensively in a single text. Hence, a careful selection o f chapters has been made to provide readers with both an in-depth study and a broad perspective. We are indebted to all the authors who have contributed for the book. The editors express their sincere gratitude to Sh. Rajan Kashyap, Principal Secretary, Department o f Science, Technology and Environment, Punjab for his support and encouragement from time to time for preparing this book. We are grateful to Sh. N.S. Tiwana, Executive Director, PSCST for providing support and guidance in bringing out this volume. The financial assistance provided by Department of Biotechnology, Govt, o f India in organizing Biotechnology lecture series is grate fully acknowledged. It is hoped that this book will prove useful to students and professionals alike especially those pursuing or contemplating entering upon the career in food tech nology biotechnology. July, 2000
S.S. Marwaha J.K. Arora
Contents Biotechnological Advancements in Food Processing An Overview J.K. Arora, S.S. Marwaha and A. Bakhshi Food Engineering for Biotechnologists Sadhna Arora and Rajinder Singh Scale-up and Mathematical Modelling in Bioprocesses Related to Food Technology Tejwant Singh Food Preservation S. Lakshmi Devi and Ritu Chakravarti Food Irradiation in Protection and Preservation of Foods Neena Sehgal Application of Enzymes in Food Processing T.C. Bhalla and D.K. Chatanta Indian Fermented Foods Biotechnological Approaches S.K. Soni and J.K. Arora Technologies for the Production of Alcoholic Beverages P. S. Panes ar, H. Chopra, V.K. Joshi and S.S. Marwaha Fermented Dairy Products and Their Role in Controlling Food Borne Diseases