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Preserving food is more than an art it is a science. Scientists and home economists have established certain procedures which are essential for a given food to make it safe, as well as retain its color, flavor, texture and most importantly, nutrients until it reaches the consumers. Food is preserved by using methods that arrest moisture, inactivate enzymes and destroy or hinder the growth of microorganisms, such as molds, yeast and bacteria. These microorganisms may be present in soil, on food, in environment, on equipments being used or on work surfaces. Yeasts, molds and bacteria must be destroyed by processing so as to prevent the food from spoiling. The correct duration and type of processing varies with the kind of food and the product desired. Processing also includes securing the food by proper packaging, thus avoiding contact with microorganisms during transport and storage. Preventing enzymatic changes in food is another concern while preserving food. Enzymes, chemical substances found in all animals and plants, aid in the maturing and ripening processes. If not destroyed or inactivated at the right time, they cause undesirable changes in color, flavor and texture. Thus, food preservation by various techniques ensures availability of food products and improves food and nutrition security. Preservation enables us to add variety to meals, reaches areas where certain food items are not grown, makes transport and storage easier, facilitate off-season availability and takes care of excess agricultural produce. This manual has been designed to provide standard recipes and, when carefully followed, ensure both high-quality and good product. It is anticipated that this compilation will be helpful to food technologists, nutritionists and general public for gaining knowledge regarding principles and techniques of food preservation. Recipes written in this manual are time tested and can be beneficial to a small scale or self entrepreneur as well. Although we have taken enough care to include the necessary details of preservation in this manual, suggestions for further improvement are always welcome. Authors
"A Practical Guide to FOOD PRESERVATION" is a manual intended to serve as a guide for preservation of fruits and vegetables through appropriate, practical, cost-effective, and safe strategies, minimizing the risk of damaging food and thus maximizing the utilization of agricultural outputs. The book dissects the exact mode or mechanism involved in each method of preservation by highlighting the effects on food properties. This manual begins with an overview of scope and importance of food preservation, causes of spoilage, principles and methods of