Electromagnetic Waves And Transmission Lines

Electromagnetic Waves And Transmission Lines

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Publisher PHI Learning All Electrical Engineering books by PHI Learning
ISBN 9788120345157
Author: R. S. Rao
Number of Pages 592
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About The Book Electromagnetic Waves And Transmission Lines

Book Summary:

This systematic and well-written book provides an in-depth analysis of all the major areas of the subject such as fields, waves and lines. It is written in a simple and an easy-to-understand language.

Beginning with a discussion on vector calculus, the book elaborately explains electrostatics, including the concepts of electric force and field intensity, electric displacement, Gauss law, conductors, dielectrics and capacitors. This is followed by a detailed study of magnetostatics, covering BiotSavart law, Lorentzs force law and Amperes circuital law. Then, it discusses Maxwells equations that describe the time-varying fields and the wave theory which is the basis of radiation and wireless communications. Finally, the book gives a fair treatment to transmission line theory, which is a foundation course in mechanical engineering.

The text is well-supported by a large number of solved and unsolved problems to enhance the analytical skill of the students. The problems are framed to test the conceptual understanding of the students. It also includes plenty of objective type questions with answers.

It is intended as a textbook for the undergraduate students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering for their course on Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission Lines.

Table of Contents:
Preface Acknowledgements
Unit I:Vector Calculus
1. Vector Calculus
Unit II:Electrostatics
2. Electric Force and Field Intensity
3. Electric Displacement and Gauss Law
4. Electric Potential and Energy
5. Conductors, Dielectrics and Capacitors
Unit III:Steady Magnetic Fields
6. Magnetostatics
Unit IV:Electrodynamics
7. Time Varying Fields and Maxwells Equations
Unit V:Wave Theory
8. Electromagnetic Wave Theory
9. Transmission and Reflection
10. Guided Waves and Waveguides
Unit VI:Transmission Line Theory
11. Line Equations and Impedance
12. Reflection Coefficient and Standing Wave Ratio
13. Line Distortion and Line Matching
Important Equations