27 Years NEET CBSE-PMT Topic Wise Solved Papers1

27 Years NEET CBSE-PMT Topic Wise Solved Papers1 27 Years NEET CBSE-PMT Topic Wise Solved Papers1 Sample PDF Download
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27 Years NEET CBSE-PMT Topic Wise Solved Papers1

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vacuolar contents from cytoplasm, allows osmotic entry or exit of water, concentration and storage of nutrients as well as wastes.
AIPMT - 2014 SOLVED P APER - Biology
c In M-phase both 4C and 2C of DNA are present in different stages.
a In Rhodospirillum, electron donor is organic compound during photosynthesis.
a Centrosome is an organelle usually containing two cylindrical structures called centrioles. The centrioles form the basal body of cilia or flagella. In chloroplast a number of organised flattened membranous sacs called the thylakoids are present in the stroma. Chlorophyll pigments are present in the thylakoids. Each mitochondrion is a double membrane bound structure. The inner membrane forms a number of infoldings called the cristae towards the matrix. The cristae increase the surface area.
c Etiolation is depigmentation of leaf when plant is placed in dark for more than 36 hrs.
a Abscisic Acid ABA is called stress hormone which works in adverse environmental condition when there is low water content in atmosphere or in drought conditions. ABA causes the stomatal closure of leaves due to which the water loss by the plant is minimized.

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