CBSE Physics For Class - XI

CBSE Physics For Class - XI

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Publisher Nageen Prakashan All Class 11 Physics books by Nageen Prakashan
ISBN 9789389536928
Author: Kumar, Mittal
Number of Pages 833
Edition Seventeenth Edition
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CBSE Physics For Class - XI by Kumar, Mittal
Book Summary:

The authors feel great pleasure in presenting thoroughly revised and enhanced Seventeenth Edition of the book encouraged by the overwhelming response of the readers.

The present edition is strictly in accordance with the latest CBSE syllabus. In the revised syllabus of 2019-20 CBSE has removed a topic ‘Ray Optics’. Each chapter of this book carries quite a good number of solved as well as unsolved numericals. Guidelines for NCERT Problems with their solutions have also been added for the benefit of the students. At the end of each chapter, a large number of questions are given which are divided into different categories, such as Very-Short Answer Type, Short-Answer Type, Long-Answer Type, Numericals. The order of questions and numericals in each category is strictly the same as the order of topics in the text matter. Except Long-Answer type questions, all other questions have been supported with answers or hints as necessary. Under the heading ‘For Different Competitive Examinations’, Single Digit Integer Answer Type Questions, Matching-List Type Questions, Assertion-Reason Type Questions, Linked Comprehension Type Questions, Objective and Multiple-Choice Type Questions have been divided in to two categories : [A] Single Correct Answer Type and [B] Multiple Correct Answer Type. These questions have been supported by hints or solutions. Entire book has been throughly revised to make it free from errors.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for Class-XI Students.
Table of Content:

1. Physical World

2. Units and Measurement : Error Analysis

3. Dimensional Analysis

4. Motion in One and Two Dimensions

5. Vectors

6. Force : Newton’s Laws of Motion

7. Friction

8. Uniform Circular Motion

9. Work, Energy and Power

10. Centre of Mass

11. Rotational Motion of a Rigid Body : Moment of Inertia

12. Gravitation

13. Elasticity

14. Fluid Pressure

15. Flow of Liquids

16. Surface Tension

17. Thermal Expansion : Calorimetry

18. Heat Transfer

19. Thermodynamics

20. Heat Engine : Second Law of Thermodynamics

21. Isothermal and Adiabatic Processes

22. Kinetic Theory of Gases

23. Simple Harmonic Motion

24. Oscillations or Vibrations

25. Speed of Mechanical Waves

26. Progressive Harmonic Waves

27. Superposition of Waves : Beats

28. Stationary Waves : Vibrations of Air Columns

29. Vibrations of Stretched Strings

30. Doppler Effect