ISC Physics Part-II For Class - XII

ISC Physics Part-II For Class - XII

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Publisher Nageen Prakashan All Class 12 Physics books by Nageen Prakashan
ISBN 9789389536430
Author: Kumar-Mittal
Number of Pages 553
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ISC Physics Part-II For Class - XII by Kumar-Mittal
Book Summary:

The authors feel great pleasure in presenting Nineteenth Edition of the book encouraged by the overwhelming response of the readers. Keeping in view the new syllabus for ISC examinations 2021, the present edition has been thoroughly revised. Each chapter carries quite a good number of solved as well as unsolved numericals. At the end of each chapter are given questions in large number selected from the latest question papers of ISC.

In the book the questions have been divided into different categories, such as Objective Type, Very Short-Answer Type, Short-Answer Type, Long-Answer Type-A and Long Answer Type-B, Numericals. A competition section which form an important segment of the book has been added in each chapter from the recently conducted entrance examinations of JEE Main, JEE Advance, NEET etc., headed by For Different Competitive Examinations. The order of questions in each category is strictly the same as the order of topics in the text matter. Except Long-Answer Type questions (Detailed explanations of these questions have been provided in the book), all other questions have been supported with answers or hints as necessary. Under the heading ‘For Different Competitive Examinations’, Objective and Multiple-Choice Type Questions have been divided into two categories : [A] Multichoice Questions (Having Only One Correct Option), [B] Multichoice Questions (Having One or More than One Correct Option). These questions have been supported by hints/solutions. Entire book has been thoroughly revised to make it free from errors.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for Class XII Students.
Table of Content:

14. Reflection of Light : Spherical Mirrors

15. Refraction of Light at a Plane Interface : Total Internal Reflection : Optical Fibre

16. Refraction of Light at Spherical Surfaces : Lenses

17. Refraction and Dispersion of Light through a Prism

18. Optical Instruments

19. Wave Nature of Light : Huygens’ Principle

20. Interference of Light

21. Diffraction of Light

22. Polarisation of Light

23. Photoelectric Effect

24. Matter Waves

25. X-Rays

26. Atom, Origin of Spectra : Bohr’s Theory of Hydrogen Atom

27. Nuclear Structure

28. Radioactivity

29. Mass-Energy Equivalence : Nuclear Binding Energy

30. Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion : Sources of Energy

31. Semiconductor Electronics

32. Junction Diodes

33. Junction Transistors

34. Logic Gates

35. Communication Systems