• Bhartiya Savidhan Ka Vikas Thatha Rastriya Andolan
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Bhartiya Savidhan Ka Vikas Thatha Rastriya Andolan

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Publisher SChand Publications
ISBN 9788121905718
Author: Mahesh Bhatnagar And R C Aggarwal
Available Available in all digital devices
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Bhartiya Savidhan Ka Vikas Thatha Rastriya Andolan by Mahesh Bhatnagar And R C Aggarwal

Table of Contents:

1.Imperialism-British Imperialism In India

2. The Revolt Of 1857

3. Causes Of Rise Of The Indian National Movement

4. Growth Of Political Consciousness In The Nineteenth Century

5. Foundation Of The Congress And Its Policy In The Early Years

6. Modern Wing Of The Congress And Their Policies

7. Extremist Wing Of The Congress Their Policies

8. Swadeshi Movement

9. Non-Co-Operation Movement

10. Civil Disobedience Movement

11. The Quit India Movement

12. Contribution Of Revolutionaries

13. Rise Of Communalism In India, Causes, Development And Consequences

14. Some Great Leaders Of The Freedom Movement

15. Constitutional Development Of India: Government Of India Act 1909 And 1919

16. Features Of Government Of India Act, 1935 A.D.

17. Indian Independence Act

18. Philosophical Base Of The Preamble Of Constitution

19. Main Features Of The Indian Constitution

20. Federal Structure

21. Fundamental Rights And Duties

22. Directive Principles Of State Policy


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