History of Modern Europe Since 1789

By V D Mahajan more
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Publisher SChand Publications All History books by SChand Publications
ISBN 9788121903387
Author: V D Mahajan
Number of Pages 712
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History of Modern Europe Since 1789 - Page 1 History of Modern Europe Since 1789 - Page 2 History of Modern Europe Since 1789 - Page 3 History of Modern Europe Since 1789 - Page 4 History of Modern Europe Since 1789 - Page 5

History of Modern Europe Since 1789 by V D Mahajan

Book Summary:

The Fourteenth Revised Edition of “History of Modern Europe Since 1789” is a boon for the students.

There were The Great Personalities of the Revolution before the rise of Napoleon. The first in the list is the name of Mirabeau. There was The Vienna Settlement of 1815 which was based on the three principles like restoration, legitimacy and compensation.

There was independence of Belgium which came after the fall of Napolean, the ruler of Holland were restored and given a new constitution of the people. The rest of the errors have been rectified. The modified maps have been placed in the proper place. The study of this book will give the view that Europe was an extremely strong nation.

Audience of the Book :
For Students of B.A., M.A and also useful for Competitive Examinations like P.C.S. & I.A.S.

Table of Contents:
  1. Europe on the eve of French Revolution 
  2. Causes of the French Revolution 
  3. Work of the National Assembly 1789 91
  4. The Legislative Assembly and National Convention 
  5. The Girondists and the Jacobins 
  6. Great Personalities of the Revolution 
  7. The Directory 1795-99 
  8. The Coalitions 
  9. Napoleon Bonaparte 1769-1821 10 The Vienna Settlement 1815 
  10. Castlereagh and Canning 
  11. Concert of Europe 1815-22 
  12. Louis XVIII to Napoleon III 
  13. Independence of Belgium 15 Austria- Hungary from 1815 to 1918 
  14. Unification of Italy 
  15. Unification of Germany 
  16. Bismarck 1815-98 
  17. Germany from 1890 to 1914
  18. France from 1870 to 1914 
  19. Italy from 1870 to 1915 
  20. Russia from 1796 to 1917 
  21. Modern Socialism 24 The Eastern Question 
  22. Scramble for Africa 
  23. Foreign Policy of Japan 
  24. American Foreign Policy 
  25. British Foreign Policy 
  26. International Relations 1871-1914 
  27. The World War I 1914-18 
  28. The League of Nations 
  29. Germany between the Wars 
  30. France between the Wars 34 Great Britain between the Wars 
  31. Italy between the Wars 
  32. Modern Turkey 
  33. Spain 39 International Relations between two Wars 
  34. The World War II and Peace Settlement 
  35. The United Nations 
  36. Europe Since 1945 43 The communist Regime in Russia 1917-1939 
  37. The Industrial Revolution 
  38. Europe in 1815 
  39. The Romantic Movement  
  40. Spain During the Nineteenth Century 48 Europe and the World 
  41. The Policy of Appeasement
  • The Cold War 
  • Germany After World War II 
  • German Revolution and the Weimar Republic

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