• History of Medieval India
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History of Medieval India

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Publisher SChand Publications
ISBN 9788121903646
Author: V D Mahajan
Available Available in all digital devices
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History of Medieval India by V D Mahajan
Book Summary:

‘‘History of Medieval India’’ The favourable and warm reception which the previous editions and reprints of this book have enjoyed all over India, is a matter of great satisfaction for us.

In this edition in Part-I a New Chapter No. 1 ‘Sources of Information for Medieval India’ and in Part-II chapter no. 10 ‘‘History of Mughal Period’’ (till 1761) have been incorporated. Almost all the topics have been thoroughly gone through, presented lucidly.

Many topics of this book have been re-written and restructured.

Error which have come to our notice have been rectified.

Modified maps have been inserted at appropriate places.

Exercises in the form of Long Answers type Questions, Short Answers type Questions and Multiple Choice type Questions have been added at the end of the each chapter.

Audience of the Book :
This book is useful for BA MA students of History of all Indian Universities and other competitive examinations like PCS and IAS.

Table of Contents:

Part I :

1 Sources of Information for Medieval India

2 The Rise of Islam

3 Arab Conquest of Siindh

4 India on the eve of Muslim Conquest

5 Rise and fall of the Ghaznavides

6 Muhammad Ghori or Muhammad of Ghur

7 The Slave Dynasty 8 The Khalji Dynasty

9 Mongol invasion of India

10 The Tughluqs or Qaraunah Turks

11 The Sayyid Dynasty

12 The Lodi Dynasty

13 Disintegration of the Delhi Sultanate

14 The Bahmani Kingdom

15 The Vijayanagar Empire

16 Administrative System of Delhi Sultanate

17 Architecture and Literature

18 Social Religious and Economic Condition In Early Medieval India

19 The Bhakti Movement

20 Sufism in India

21 Impact of Muslim Conquest on India

22 Nature of The State in Medieval India

23 Chronological Table

24 Index

Part II

25 India on The Eve of Baburs Invasion

26 Babur 1526? 1530

27 Humayun 1530?1556

28 Sher Shah Sur and His Successors 1540-1556

29 Akbar The Great 1556?1605

30 Jahangir 1605?1627

31 Shah Jahan 1627?1658

32 Aurangzeb Alamgir 1658?I707

33 Rise of the Marathas

34 History of Maratha Peshwa Till 1761

35 Rise and Growth of Sikh Power

36 Mughal Administration

37 Art and Literature in Mughal India

38 Social and Economic Condition in Mughal India

39 Religious Policy of the Mughals

40 Deccan Policy of the Mughals

41 Disintegration of the Mughal Empire

42 Society of Culture in the 18th Century

43 History and Historians of Mughal India 

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