A Textbook Of Oscillations, Waves And Acoustics

A Textbook Of Oscillations, Waves And Acoustics A Textbook Of Oscillations, Waves And Acoustics Sample PDF Download
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ISBN: 9789385676154
Number of Pages: 269
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A Textbook Of Oscillations, Waves And Acoustics
Book Summary:

This book introduces to acoustics. It is mainly written for undergraduate students of science and engineering. This book is based on the U.G.C. curriculum. Some new articles are also included. A few university problems are solved and some questions are also included in this edition.

Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:


2. Written in a lucid and easy-to understand language.


Table of Contents:

1. Sound and its Character

2. Simple Harmonic Motion

3. Free, Damped and Forced Vibration

4. Coupled Vibration

5. Fourier Analysis

6. Anharmonic (Asymmetric) Vibration and Combinational Tones

7. Wave Motion

8. Reflection, Refraction, Interference, Diffraction, Stationary Wave, Beats, Phase Velocity and Group Velocity, Doppler Effect

9. Velocity of Acoustic Waves (Longitudinal and Transverse Wave)

10. Transverse Vibration of Stretched String and Stringed Musical Instruments

11. Vibration of a Bar

12. Vibration of Membranes and Plates

13. Vibration of Air Column

14. Heat Maintained Sound

15. Velocity of Sound and its Measurements

16. Frequency and its Measurement

17. Intensity and its Measurement

18. Speech and Hearing

19. Musical Sound

20. Microphones and Loud Speakers

21. Recording of Sound and Reproduction

22. Shock Waves — Explosive Sound

23. Ultrasonics

24. Architectural Acoustics

25. Electrical Analogy of Acoustic Vibration

26. Introduction