Crop Production In Stress Environment: Genetic and Management Option

Crop Production In Stress Environment: Genetic and Management Option Crop Production In Stress Environment: Genetic and Management Option Sample PDF Download
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In order to meet the food, feed, fiber, fuel needs of ever increasing human and animal population world over, particularly in developing nations of Africa and Asia and south America, a commensurate enhancement in crop production has to be in place. The ultimate aim of sustainable agriculture is be to enhance food production on continuous basis while maintaining the natural resource base in accordance with carrying capacity of supporting agro-eco system. Most of the progress in increasing crop production has been realized in favorable environments and high input conditions. In such areas environmental concerns in terms of depletion of natural resource base including soil degradation due to over mining of nutrients, imbalanced fertilization, salinity due to excessive irrigation, water deficits and environmental pollution affecting food chain have already become apparent and points to ponder. Moreover, climatic changes such as increased atmospheric temperature, uncertainty in rainfall perpetual droughts and floods of varying intensities etc lead to environmental fragility which adversely affects crop production. These are serious issues which need to be looked into, if the food requirements of future generation are to be met on sustainable basis. This would need a holistic system approach to harness natural resources for the welfare of mankind through scientific management of land and water resources, use of appropriate agro-technology and judicious exploitation of biodiversity and genetic options for enhancing crop production especially in stress environments. Keeping these facts in view, Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishaw Vidyalaya, Jablapur and the Society for Sustainable Agriculture and Resource Management SSARM jointly organized an International Conference on "Sustainable Crop Production in Stress Environment Management and Genetic Options" during Feb. 9-12, 2005 at JNKVV, Jabalpur M. P. , India. This book entitled "Crop Production in Stress Environments Genetic and Management Options" is based on the research findings presented by eminent scientists from India and abroad. Major purpose of this publication is to highlight the technologies related to management of natural resources and crop improvement gene technologies that are developed at global level to minimize the effects of biotic and abiotic stresses on crop production and for ameliorating yield and stress tolerance potential of crops in green and grey areas as well as socio-economic aspects. We express our sincere gratitude to the authors contributing papers on wide range of topics and to M. P State Agricultural Marketing board, Bhopal M.P. , National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development NABARD , Bombay etc. for their generous financial support for publication of this book. We also thank all the faculty and staff members and
students of JNKVV and members of SSARM who contributed their best in ways manifold for the grand success of the conference. We sincerely hope that this anthology will be useful for researchers, development functionaries and policy planners engaged in various agricultural pursuits. Editors
AGARWAL, RASHMI Department of Forestry Guru Ghasidas University