Satellite Communications (Covering latest Digital Satellite Technologies and Systems)

Satellite Communications (Covering latest Digital Satellite Technologies and Systems) Satellite Communications (Covering latest Digital Satellite Technologies and Systems) Sample PDF Download
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Satellite Communications (Covering latest Digital Satellite Technologies and Systems) by D. C. Agarwal
Book Summary:

Satellite communication is of much importance for both the national and international communications which may be in the form of telephone transmission, television and radio program distribution, computer communications, ISDNs, martime navigation and military command and control. Satellite communication is a very vast topic and involves several aspects of communication technology including both the analog and digital techniques.

Communication engineers are therefore supposed to have appropriate knowledge in satellite technology, link design and operations. In the present edition chapter on Global Positioning Satellite Systems and Satellite Program of India has been completely revised and new development in the field has been incorporated.

The book in its present form contains large number of solved problems and multichoice questions. The Illustrated Glossary too contains over 120 new terms and definitions. Also, the new chapter on Amateur Radio Satellites will interest the hobbists and ambitious students aiming for some project work.

This book through its thirty one chapters deals with the requisite communication technologies such as those of analog and digital satellite communication, multiple access technique, demand assignment, spread spectrum, random access techniques etc.; earth station technology and laser satellite communication. Discussions about satellite orbits and inclination, important subsystems of the communication satellites and various international as well as national satellites have been extensively made. A separate chapter is given for Indian activities in satellite communication providing the latest information till date.

Audience of the Book :
[Covering Latest Digital Satellite Technologies and Systems]

Table of Contents:

♦ Principles of Satellite Communication

♦ Satellite Orbit Inclination

♦ Communication Satellite Link Design

♦ Satellite Analog Communication

♦ Digital Signal Transmission

♦ Digital Carrier Systems & Satellite Links

♦ Multiple Access Techniques

♦ Demand Assignment Multiple Access Techniques

♦ Spread Spectrum Techniques & Code Division Multiple Access

♦ Random Access Techniques & Packet Satellite Communication

♦ Satellite Earth Station ♦ Communication Satellite Subsystems

♦ Digital Speech Coding Techniques

♦ Echo-Cancellation 

♦ Error Control Coding for Digital Satellite Links

♦ Satellite Applications

♦ Global, Regional & National Communication Satellite Systems

♦ Digital Satellite TV Systems

♦ Satellites & Cable Transmission Systems

♦ VSAT Satellite Systems

♦ Global Positioning Satellite Systems

♦ Internet & Satellite Links

♦ Satellites, Digital Telephony, e-mail, Fax, Video Conferencing & Mobile Telephony and Wireless Internet

♦ Laser Satellite Communication

♦ Satellite Program of India: From INSAT to Chandrayaan

♦ Satellites and Launch Vehicles

♦ Special Purpose Satellites

♦ Amateur Radio Satellites

♦ Design Problems

♦ Glossary of Satellite Terms and Definitions.