X-Ray Diffraction : Its Theory And Applications

X-Ray Diffraction : Its Theory And Applications X-Ray Diffraction : Its Theory And Applications Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: PHI Learning
ISBN: 9788120341944
Number of Pages: 232
Edition: Second Edition
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About The Book X-Ray Diffraction
Book Summary:

Designed for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of physics, materials science and metallurgical engineering, this text explains the theory of X-ray diffraction starting from diffraction by an electron to that by an atom, a crystal, and finally ending with a diffraction by a conglomerate of atoms either in the single crystal or in the polycrystal stage.

This Second Edition of the book includes a new chapter on Electron Diffraction as electron diffraction along with X-ray diffraction are complementary to each other and are also included in the curriculum. The book amply blends the theory with major applications of X-ray diffraction, including those of direct analysis of lattice defects by X-ray topography, orientation texture analysis, chemical analysis by diffraction as well as by fluorescence.


Set of numerical problems along with solutions

Details of some different experimental techniques

Unsolved problems and Review Questions to grasp the concepts.

Table of Contents:
Preface to the First Edition
1. Basic Crystallography
2. Diffraction by X-ray
3. Scattering by an Aggregate of Atoms
4. Scattering by an Aggregate of Crystals
5. Diffraction Pattern from Imperfect Polycrystalline Sample
6. Effect of Temperature on Diffraction Pattern of a Crystal: Temperature Diffuse Scattering
7. Chemical Analysis by X-ray Diffraction and X-ray Fluorescence
8. Residual Stress and Its Determination by X-ray Diffraction
9. Determination of Phase Diagram by X-ray Diffraction
10. Surface Imperfection Study by X-ray Microscopy
11. Determination of Orientation Texture in Polycrystalline Material by X-ray Diffraction
12. Small Angle Scattering and Its Applications
13. Dynamical Theory of Perfect Crystals
14. Experimental Arrangements for Various Analyses
15. Electron Diffraction and Applications
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