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Applied Physics-II By Rupinder Kaur

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Publisher Vayu Education
ISBN 9789381348918
Author: Rupinder Kaur
Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

be burnde again. These students come to college to learn, and they will feel happiest when they sense their knowledge and abilities growing. Students don t take the course because it is easy it isn t. It covers an enormous amount of material. But every chapter is full of information that is evidently important. That s why students will sign up. They don t want to be entertained. They want a good course, well taught, that fills them with important information and the ability to use it well. They are proud to take this course, but more imporantly, they will feel very proud that they are going to enjoy it. Physics is the liberal arts of high technology. Understand physics, and never again be intimidated by technological advances. This book is designed to attract student, and each teach them the physics they need to know to be an effective engineer. I wish to thank my husband. Er. Vikas Sharma, for his great help and support. I am thankful to my respected, loving and caring parents S. Swaran Singh and Mrs. Satvinder Kaur, my dear sister Sweety and my brothers for their love and support they give me time to time. I am indebted to fellow my Computer lab supervisor Mr. Ashok, Mr. Sunny, Mr. Mintoo for they cooperation during typing the matter and drawing the related figures on computer I thank him sincerely. I would like to thank, Dr. Rajiv Kumar Jain, Managing Director, Vayu Education of India, Darya Ganj, New Delhi-11002 the publisher of this book. Author
APPLIED PHYSICS - II LTP 3-2 RATIONALE Applied Physics includes the study of a large number of diverse topics related to things that go in the world around us. It aims to give an understanding of this world both by observation and prediction of the way in which objects behave. Concrete use of physical principles and analysis in various fields of engineering and technology are given prominence in the course content. Note Teachers should give examples of engineering technology applications of various concepts and principles in each topic so that students are able to appreciate learning of these concepts and principles.
1. Waves and Vibrations
10 hrs
1.1. Definition of wave with examples 1.2. Types of wave motion, transverse and longitudinal wave motion with examples

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