The Power Of C# By Rajeev A. Parida

The Power Of C# By Rajeev A. Parida The Power Of C# By Rajeev A. Parida Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9788131805336

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The Power Of C# By Rajeev A. Parida
Book Summary:

C Sharp is an object oriented programming language and was developed by Microsoft expressly for its .NET platform. C Sharp provides the features that are most important to programmers, such as object-oriented programming, graphics, graphical-user-interface (GUI) components, exception handling, multithreading, multimedia (audio, images, animation and video), file processing, prepackaged data structures, database processing, Internet and World-Wide-Web-based multi-tier application development, networking, Web services and distributed computing. The language is appropriate for implementing Internet and World-Wide-Web-based applications that integrate seamlessly with Windows-based applications.

Audience of the Book :
This book has been designed for computer science students.
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1. Explains what is C Sharp and its feature
2. Object Oriented features of C Sharp
3. Delegate and Event
4. Supercharge your programs using multiple threads
5. String Handling using C Sharp
6. File Handling using C Sharp
7. Effectively apply C Sharp's networking classes
8. Accessing Database with ADO.NET
9. Developing Window Application using Windows Form
10. Graphical Device Interface+
11. Creating Web service in C Sharp
12. Creating and deploying .NET assemblies
13. Security features in C Sharp

Table of Contents:

1. Getting Started with C Sharp
2. Data types and Operators
3. Control Statements, Array and Functions
4. Introduction to Classes and Inheritance
5. Namespace and Interface
6. Delegates and Events
7. Attributes, Structure and Enums
8. Exception Handling
9. Multithreading
10. Properties and Indexers
11. Streams and Files
12. String Handling
13. Using Collections
14. Components, Cross Language Interoperability and Versioning
15. Operator Overloading and Using to Pointers
16. Networking in C Sharp
17. Database Connectivity Using ADO.NET
18. Window Programming in C Sharp
19. Graphical Device Interface (GDI)+
20. Web Services
21. Garbage Collection
22. XML in C Sharp
23. Introduction to Assemblies
24. XML Documentation in C Sharp
25. Security Features in .NET and C Sharp