Introduction To Theory Of Automata,Formal Languages And Computation

Introduction To Theory Of Automata,Formal Languages And Computation Introduction To Theory Of Automata,Formal Languages And Computation Sample PDF Download
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About The Book Introduction To Theory Of Automata,Formal Languages And Computation
Book Summary:

The Theory of Computation or Automata and Formal Languages assumes significance as it has a wide range of applications in complier design, robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and knowledge engineering. This compact and well-organized book provides a clear analysis of the subject with its emphasis on concepts which are reinforced with a large number of worked-out examples.

The book begins with an overview of mathematical preliminaries. The initial chapters discuss in detail about the basic concepts of formal languages and automata, the finite automata, regular languages and regular expressions, and properties of regular languages. The text then goes on to give a detailed description of context-free languages, pushdown automata and computability of Turing machine, with its complexity and recursive features. The book concludes by giving clear insights into the theory of computability and computational complexity.

This text is primarily designed for undergraduate (BE/B.Tech.) students of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and Information Technology (IT), postgraduate students (M.Sc.) of Computer Science, and Master of Computer Applications (MCA).

Salient Features

One complete chapter devoted to a discussion on undecidable problems.
Numerous worked-out examples given to illustrate the concepts.
Exercises at the end of each chapter to drill the students in self-study.
Sufficient theories with proofs.

Table of Contents:

Preface Acknowledgements

1. Preliminary Mathematical Review

2. Three Basic Concepts: Grammar, Languages and Automata

3. Finite Automata

4. Regular Languages and Regular Grammars

5. Properties of Regular Languages

6. Context-Free Languages

7. Pushdown Automata

8. Properties of Context-Free Languages

9. Turing Machine

10. Other Models of Turing Machines

11. Hierarchy of Formal Languages and Linear Bounded Automata

12. Undecidability

13. Theory of Computability

14. Computational Complexity



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