Basic Statistical Methods with Application

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PREFACE In recent years, statistics has been regarded as one of the most useful science having numerous applications in different disciplines. Several books have been published in this regard but for the first time an attempt is being made to provide a simple and straight forward method of exhibiting the fundamental aspects of a statistical problem. Earlier representation had some limitations which led to confusion and misunderstanding especially on the part of statistical methods without well described statistical intuition. This book is primarily based on the author s class notes and lectures delivered to the graduate and post-graduate students of J.N. Agricultural University, Adhartal, Jabalpur for the last twenty years. Previously, it was in circulation as lectures notes among the students. Then, it has been brought in the form of such a book which includes several improvements with new style of questions framed and their solutions on the need and demand of the students. The questions which have been asked in this and another university, in India, have also been incorporated at the end of each chapter in the form of illustrative examples and unsolved problems. Moreover, objective types of questions which are being the new pattern of an examination have also been added. The contents of the book have been covered in thirteen full length and three Appendices. Chapter 1 is introductory which is related to the beginning of statistics, scope, uses and its limitations Chapters
3 discuss the collection, editing, classification tabulation, frequency distribution and its diagrammatic and graphical representation of data. Chapters 4 and 5 devote to the detailed study of measures of central tendency and measures of dispersion, skewness and kurtosis, whereas Chapter 6 deals with the probability and mathematical expectations of random variables. Chapter 7 is important which considers about the basic probability distributions that have useful applications. Chapter 8 is related to the study of principles of least squares and fitting of curves. Correlation and regression are the important statistical techniques for analyzing the dependence and inter-dependence data, which have been discussed in Chapter 9.
Chapters 10 and 11 consider the analysis of variance, sampling distributions and tests of significance. Index numbers and time series are also important topics for MBA students, which are given in Chapters 12 and 13, respectively. This book covers the syllabus of under graduate and post-graduate courses of Agricultural University in Statistical methods and is mainly designed for B.Sc. Ag. , M.Sc. Ag. , B.Tech., M.Tech and M.B.A. students. The emphasis is given on the important results adding a new variety of illustrative examples alongwith objective types of questions related to each chapter. Numerous unsolved questions have been included to make the book more useful to teachers and students.