Disaster Management Concept, People and Perception

Disaster Management Concept, People and Perception Disaster Management Concept, People and Perception Sample PDF Download
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Disasters are the sudden, calamitous and awesome visitors which take both life and life forms by storms and awe, by horror and enigma leaving behind endless stigma of death, destruction and demolition. National Institute for Disaster Management NIDM at the national level keeps on generating information on the disaster management issues, methods, impacts and peoples participation in it. The worst affected components of disaster are human lives, biodiversity, agriculture and the ecological balances reigning around before the disaster sets out. With the unfathomable changes in climatic behavior and weather aberrations, the frequency of disasters is deemed to be multiplied not only by counts but also by nature. The book on Disaster Management Concept, People and Perception is an out put of rigorous field work and comprehensive field studies which ultimately has built up a synergy between information and mettle of clandestine processing. Peoples participation of disaster and the psychosomatic outcome consequent to disaster are not that researched as the biophysical losses of disaster itself. The book has been chapterized by following the methodological flow of research and has been supported by grass root information and ground truth verification through both data collection and data generation approaches. Flood and drought as disasters have got appalling impact on community and life forms, social security and migration, economic losses and ecological erosion and so on. Moreover, a classified society like ours has got or expected to have catalogued information derived from their social, economic and psychosomatic milieus. We hope, this kind of book by being unique in nature and content would drench the inquisitive minds framing out of disciplines like agriculture, management, social science, development studies and related peoples like environmentalists, policy makers, NGOs, etc, to work and think in both yeomen and heuristic manner. Let s see the eyes full of eagerness and thrust to get themselves relieved of horrors and destruction of disasters. - Authors
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