Contingent Planning for Disaster Management

Contingent Planning for Disaster Management Contingent Planning for Disaster Management Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Agrobios Publications
ISBN: 9788177544336
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Butterfly keeps flying from one flower to another in search of nectar without losing enthusiasm. Similarly one should never lose enthusiasm as it is the only force, which drives people to perform at their best and allows them to achieve the worthiest of causes Concern about environmental safety and sustainability of land productivity is increasing among scientists, administrators and environmentalists. With the increasing population, it is also becoming clear that food security to the teeming millions will not be possible unless the available resources are efficiently utilized for increasing the productivity. The strategy adopted during the green revolution era can not be valid anymore under the prevailing conditions. A new strategy of living with the nature and nurturing it for sustainable high productivity should be evolved. Though use of chemical inputs can not be altogether avoided, their use in agriculture has to be rationalized. Organic agriculture shows us the way to effectively use the available natural resources for the benefit of the mankind. The recycling of various forms of residues has the advantage of converting the surplus farm waste into useful product for meeting nutrient requirement of crops, besides maintaining the soil condition and improving the overall ecological balance. As most of the plant nutrients are required by animals and human beings alike, a nutritional continuance exists between soil, plant, plants, animals and human beings. If regulated properly, enormous losses and leakages take place and substantial amount of nutrients which could have been utilized, are wasted. Resource conservation and their regulated recycling for production is the option for sustained living. It is now fully-realized that except climate, all resources in crop production can be exploited to a limited extent. A fuller exploitation of the weather resources, therefore, is the major hope in greater production to meet the demands of the staggering increase in population. It has been demonstrated that, apart from weather forecasting, which solves a number of our daily problems, meteorology, has very useful application to various agricultural activities, such as the selection of crop-production sites, irrigation control, soil and water conservation, the amelioration of field climate and the adoption of the best-fitted agronomic and cultural practices in crop production. The increasing utility of agro-meteorology, together with an integrated approach of the scientists of different disciplines during the last four decades has greatly contributed to the development of this field into a broad based inter-disciplinary subject. Micro-meteorologists and Biologists have conspicuously contributed to the development of this subject, the former
Contingent Planning for Disaster Management
Publisher Agrobios Publications ISBN 9788177544336
Author S C Panda
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