Climate variability and its Impact on Crop Production

Climate variability and its Impact on Crop Production Climate variability and its Impact on Crop Production Sample PDF Download
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PREFACE Climate change is one of the most important global environmental challenges in the history of mankind. The accelerating pace of climate change, combined with global population and income growth, threatens food security everywhere particularly in the developing countries. Assuming a global temperature rise of 4.4oC by 2080 over the cultivated areas, India s agricultural output is projected to fall by 30-40 which would be quite alarming unless proper remedial measures are taken. Further, occurrence of new diseases, pests together with severity of the existing ones is also foreseen. The impacts of climate change on Indian continent are less explored and less known till now making the future scenarios more uncertain for vulnerability assessment and risk management. This book is an effort to quantify the climate-change impacts, assess the consequences for food security and estimate the investments that would offset the negative consequences for human wellbeing. Some chapters in this book elaborate some key findings regarding the role of GHGs in responding to potential climate change and their mitigation significant differences in possible regional impacts to agricultural systems, plant diseases and pests resource conservation, social issues, potential changes in the level and patterns of food production and security. A few chapters of the book explain about biotechnological research and green biotechnology as a tool for mitigating climate change impacts. The book also deals with recent summaries of CDM and carbon credit effects. Production of this book was a major enterprise, in which many people were involved, with a wide variety of contributions. I wish to thank the generous contributions made by the scientists researchers of different organizations institutions who have generated their valuable knowledge in the form of writings. I am especially grateful for the contribution and support of Dr. K.M. Bujarbaruah, Honourable Vice-Chancellor, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, who had constructively guided me for production of this book.
I would also like to express my gratitude to Dr. D.C. Uprety, National Fellow, IARI, New Delhi, Dr. B. C. Bhowmick, ExDirector of Extension, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, Dr. N.N. Sarmah, Ex-Director of Research Agri , Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, Dr. G. N. Hazarika, Director of Research Agri , Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat and Dr. B. Haloi, Ex-Head, Department of Crop Physiology, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat for their valuable advice throughout this endeavour. Special thanks goes to Dr. L.L. Somani, who has taken up the entire responsibility in publishing this book. I sincerely hope that my attempt will prove to be beneficial for scientists and students alike. Ranjan Das Editor