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VTU eNotes On Data Structures Using C (Computer Science)

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Publisher VTU eLearning
Author: Panel Of Experts
Number of Pages 130
Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

Topic Introduction to Data Structure Why Data Structures Problem solving is more relatd too understanding the problem, designing a solution and Implementing the solution, then What exactly is a solution In a very crisp way, it can be demonstarte as a solution which is equals to a program and it is also approxiamtley equals to algorithm. Algorithm An algorithm is a sequence of steps that take us from the input to the output. An algorithm must be Correct. It should provide a correct solution according to the specifications. Finite. It should terminate and general. It should work for every instance of a problem is efficient. It should use few resources such as time or memory . Data organization Any algorithm we come up with will have to manipulate data in some way. The way we choose to organize our data directly affects the efficiency of our algorithm. Solution algorithm data interconnected.
organization, Both components are
Information The study of Computer Science includes study of information. Information in the substratum of entire field. In computer all information stored in form of a collection of bits, it is smallest unit of information, it has only one value Data Type It is representation of information using a set of value and set of operations required for deriving further results and consider an example A day s rain is expressed in discrete form as millimeter. This value can be subjected to a set of operation such as add to derive the total rain in a year, Division to derive average rain in a year. Unstructured or scalar Integer, float, char and Pointer, homogenous Array, string, enum, structure and Union, heterogeneous ADT like list, queue, stack, tree and Graph. Data structure
It is way of organizing value with help of existing data types, ex Accumulation of rain data for one year and apply some operation to derive statistical results. Data of 365 days need integer to store 365 value in the list- one dimension and 10 different regions require to store 2D. It is a aggregation of different type of data by which the stored data can be made more explanatory. Hence, the Data structure is require through knowledge of data types available in a Programming Language. Data structure can be also defined as, it is the mathematical model which helps to store and retrieve the data efficiently from primary memory. It helps to consistently maintain the data as well as the implem-n functions of interest for data. Data structure definition by Prof. S Sahani It is data object together with the relationship which exist the relationship among the instance and among the individual elements that compose instance. Relationship provided by specifying the function of interest. When study data structure, we are concern with representation of data object as well as the implementation functions of interest for data object. Representation of each data object should facilitate an efficient