Use of Pyrites in Agriculture

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Iran pyrites is a mineral containing both iron and sulphur along with some micronutrients. Its geological structure has got a chemical composition similar to FeS2i.e. ferreous sulphide. In general,such pyrites alongwith minerals of other metallic sulphides, occur all over the world mostly in igneous or metamorphic rocks. However, in a few locations, it is also found as a sedimentary deposit. The sedimentary deposits are very reactive as compared to igneous and metamorphic ones. Most of the Indian deposits are of sedimentary nature. Being pyrophoric in nature, pyrites is easily oxidized when in contact with air and water producing ferrous sulphate and sulphuric acid. The sulphuric acid so produced may react with the native C aC 03 in the soil and bring calcium in solution form. As such pyrites could serve as a potential amendment for the r e c ita tio n of alkali soils which require soluble calcium to replace sodium from the exchange complex. The use' of pyrites as an amendment, a recent development in the chemical amelioration of alkali soil, has been found to be comparable to that of gypsum and has opened fresh avenues in the reclamation of alkali soils.
Use o f Pyrites In Agriculture
Use of pyrites is not only helpful in lowering soil sodicity but is likely to improve the solubility and availability of essential plant nutrients like phosphorus, sulphur, iron and other micronutrients. The book is a critical evaluation of the present knowledge on the oxidation of pyrites and factors affecting pyrites oxidation in
management of alkali soils for improving the reclamative efficiency of pyrites, role of pyrites in improving the solubility of native and rock-phosphate P, besides use of pyrites as sulphur and iron fertilisers.