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The Art of Sentence Arrangement Set II

By Ajay K. Singh more
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Publisher Upkar Prakashan
ISBN 9788174826213
Author: Ajay K. Singh
Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

Contents 1. Opening Sentence 3 5 2. Group Arrangement 6 22 3. Sequence Arrangement 23 31 4. Practice Questions 32 42 5. Answer to the Practice Questions With Explanation . 43 52
Sentence Arrangement
Opening Sentence dq N 'uk e ig k okD numbered fd k gqvk gksrk gS blf , ogk d ksbzZ ijs kuh ug gksrh gS ijUrq tgk first sentence d ks kstuk gksrk gS ogk dq N factors d k ku j uk gksrk gS I vxj okD e ,d gh subject-matter gks rks ftl okD e mlds noun d k ig h ckj ft fd k x k gks mlds fd lh i aspect d k ug rks og opening sentence gksrk gS e.g.,
E Stress cannot be avoided and our stress level is never at zero. F One is that both too high and too low a stress level is damaging. G We are always under the stress as long as we are alive. Bank P. O., 1996
B If we don t continue to do it, we feel unhappy. C It is very easy to acquire bad habits. D Even good things should be done from time to time only. E This is called the force of habit. F The more we do a thing, the more we tend to like doing it. CBI, 1995 gk habits d h ppkZ d h xbZ gS vkSj gk nks Cn eq g force of habit A, E r k bad habits C . pw fd force of habit vknr d k ,d i gS blf , C ig k okD gksxk EXAMPLE 2. A Another important aspect of stress is that the human body reacts to stress in a stereotyped, physiological way. B But as long as we are alive, we are experiencing stress.

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